Rachael Finch let us in on *all* her secrets to staying in shape while travelling

Rachael Finch’s Best Advice For Staying In Shape While Travelling

So you can globetrot, and be #bodygoals

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / July 04 2019

There’s no doubt about it – as exciting as travelling is - it can totally disrupt your regular exercise regimen, sending all your hard-earned fitness results backwards.  'Cause when you’re away from your favourite gym or running routes AND grappling with getting around an unknown place, finding a new workout spot is likely to fall wayyy down the list of priorities.

Unless you’re Australian model, media personality and fitness entrepreneur Rachael Finch. Somehow she still manages to maintain absolute #bodygoals year-round, despite one rather hectic travel schedule.

Well gang, if you’d like to do the same, you might want to listen up because during our exclusive interview with Rachael, she revealed ALL of her secrets to staying in shape while travelling.

The best news? You *barely* need to leave your hotel room to do these former-Miss Universe Australia-approved workouts. Just slip into your activewear and you're ready to go!

Tip #1 / Get some incidental exercise in

“I love walking everywhere in the destination I’m in because I get my step count up without even thinking about it. Plus, it gives me a better chance to explore the city and discover hidden gems.”

Tip #2 / Use an online workout program

“The beauty of my online fitness program BODY By Finch is that you can press play on any of the workouts wherever you are in the world – direct from your hotel room. Our passion is helping keep people healthy even during the challenging times in life… and travel can be hard for some people to keep up their fitness. We offer a huge variety of classes including HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training), yoga-inspired toning sessions, cardio training, dance and so much more.”

“My favourite workouts to do from my program are the BodyWork (HIIT Training) and BodyTone sessions (yoga-inspired toning). These are completed in under 30 minutes and they both leave me feeling energised and accomplished. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced options in the workout settings in your planner, so if I’m not feeling 100 per cent, sometimes I drop down my workout level. I also love keeping up all my meditations during travel so I have the best possible experience.”

Tip #3 / Choose accommodation near an outdoor exercise spot

“Finding a hotel near a beautiful big park or the beach is a great way to increase the chance of getting in some extra movement while you’re away. When I wake up knowing the park is right next door, I am more inclined to go downstairs and venture out.”

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What are your top tips for staying in shape while travelling? Let us know in the comments.

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