Ever wondered why Rachael Finch’s hair looks so good?

rachael finch hair interview

Us, too. That’s why we cornered her and asked her EVERYTHING

Beauty Crew Editor / December 17 2018

Rachael Finch has a pretty extensive resumé. Miss Universe Australia, model, TV host, radio presenter, health and fitness guru, mum of two, and now – thanks to that enviable hair of hers – local ambassador for Botanicals by L’Oréal Paris. 

We caught up with the newly-appointed face (and hair!) of the botanically-enriched and sustainably-sourced brand, and managed to extricate every hair secret of hers we could (spoiler alert: she’s pretty low maintenance). 

On her regular haircare routine…
“It’s pretty simple. It’s not too complicated for me, it just involves obviously shampoo and conditioner, and a treatment [mask] probably once every three or four weeks. I love the L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Mask at the moment because it’s soothing but also really hydrating. Because I’m using a lot of heat-based tools with my work, I find my hair gets really dehydrated. Plus, I love the sun and I love to travel, so for me it’s important to keep that hydration. That’s why – for me – it’s the Lavender [range] and it’s the mask every three to four weeks.”


On her favourite styling products…
“I think it’s all about the prep, particularly in creating a beach curl, or if I’m going out to dinner with Michael for a date night or whatever it might be. There’s a product from L’Oréal called Pli. It’s a prep product that can be used on dry or wet hair, and basically you just put it roots to ends, blow-dry it through; and then you can use it again once it’s dry and blow-dry it through when you’re curling and tonging or straightening. It’s kind of like a multi-use product, but you can brush it out as well and then easily re-style. So, that’s one of my faves just when it comes to styling; other than that, a good prepping sea salt.”

On her go-to style for when she’s in a hurry…
“It’s a centre-part all the way down my head, slicked back, low bun, no fly-aways. [To tame fly-aways] I use hairspray or the [L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care with Geranium Radiance Remedy] Shine Vinegar. I put it in the hand first and then just literally rub and pat down, and that’s pretty much it – it’s good because it gives the shine but still gives the moisture as well.

On her post-workout hair tricks…
Sometimes it’s a topknot and just getting that frame around my face, and letting the fly-aways do their thing so it’s not so ballerina. It’s just a bit more textured and looser [than the slicked-back low bun].”

On her most outrageous hair look…
“It was about six months or a year ago now and I’ll never go back to it. I did quite short bangs. I loved it, but it was so difficult to manage. With a lot of the work that I do, it’s just very much fitness-focussed and I’m sweating a lot; I’m doing workouts and it’s not ideal, and also being a mum I just need something quick, so that was difficult for me to manage and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a fringe ever again.”

On her hair bucket list…
“I was thinking about this this morning and I think watching my mum throughout her youth have super curly, bouncy hair – she had a perm pretty much all her youth and it was this really big, bouncy, Beyoncé hair – and I loved that. I would love to be able to wake up and just have that hair. I think we always want the opposite so I would love to go down that route and get a perm and do something crazy. But with no fringe! 

On the best hair tip she’s learnt from the pros…
“I think this is a pretty age-old trick but it’s the classic of just sleeping in a braid or plaits, waking up, undoing it and shaking out the hair, then getting a texture spray in there and doing a half-up, half-down topknot.”

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