The reverse hairdryer that literally sucks water from your strands

A hairdryer that sucks water from your strands exists

It's one of the strangest beauty gadgets we've seen yet

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / February 07 2020

From the hair gadget that removes split ends to the pore vacuum that extracts blackheads, no doubt there’s some pretty peculiar beauty buys out there. But, we’ve got one for you that might just take the cake.

Unlike the conventional method of blowing hot air onto strands, the REVAIR Reverse-Air Dryer is a hairdryer that works by literally sucking water out of your locks, straightening it at the same time.

REVAIR Reverse-Air Dryer

Ooh – so futuristic! But does it actually work?

“I like how easy it is to use and it doesn’t damage your hair as much as a straightener or a regular hairdryer and brush. It didn’t pull my hair. It makes my hair very soft and very smooth,” said YouTuber Julissa Guillen

Meanwhile, beauty vlogger Lovve Sammay, praised the dryer’s speedy effectiveness on her ultra-long, thick, curly hair saying:

“It only took me probably 30 to 40 minutes to dry my hair. Normally it takes me an hour and a half to do one side.”

Interesting! It sounds like this unusual hair-drying innovation actually does the trick. But, the device doesn’t come cheap. In Australia, the REVAIR Reverse-Air Dryer retails for a tidy $1,0099 on

Want to see the device in action? Check out the below video:

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