Ricki-Lee Coulter just dished out 5 game-changing makeup tips

Ricki-Lee Coulter's everyday makeup look

Her liquid highlighter trick is the bomb

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 08 2018

Ricki-Lee Coulter just did a MAMMOTH makeup tutorial and it’s pretty much the stuff of absolute dreams. The Aussie singer’s makeup always looks like utter perfection, so when she decided to give us a run-down on her everyday routine, you’re going to bet we thanked the beauty gods. 

On her YouTube channel, she revealed some of her go-to products and tips she uses for her natural everyday makeup look. And we can confirm, the girl has got it down pat. Just check out her before and after shot:

As it turns out, Ricki-Lee actually does her own makeup for a whole bunch of events - whether she’s ripping it up on stage or strutting down the red carpet. “For those of you who don’t know, I do my makeup a lot and I love it. It’s kind of like a little secret passion of mine. And I do my makeup for lots of different things whether it’s red carpets, photoshoots, TV appearances, music videos,” she says.

So, naturally we want ALL of her makeup tips! And while you can check out the full tutorial below, we've also pulled together some of the main gems we seriously can't wait to try for ourselves. 

#1 / Always start with highlighter

Guys, Ricki-Lee starts her makeup routine by applying highlighter. Yes, you read right. She STARTS with highlighter! Why? Well, it’s apparently the makeup artists’ trick to nabbing that dewy, glowing skin. 

“A makeup artist told me [sic] I know you put highlighter over the top at the end, but this kind of helps to give you that lit-from-within glow. And depending on what I’m doing, especially during the day, I like to do this especially because it just makes your skin look like skin – it’s nice and dewy and you have a bit of a glow.”

While applying drops of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Liquid highlighter over her cheekbones and nose, she says, “I put it just kind of on the points of my face that I want highlighted”.

At the end of her routine, she's back at it with the highlighter, adding a few drops to the top of her cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.


#2 / Use the stippling technique to apply foundation

For that flawless filtered look IRL, Ricki-Lee uses one particular technique when applying her foundation. “I learnt that instead of – you know lots of people kind of wipe it on – that you kind of just stab your face with the brush. And it sticks it into your pores and it looks really good. And you’ve gotta always do your ears as well, because there’s nothing worse than a brown face and a red ear or white ear.”

This is called the stippling technique and its hands-down the *easiest* and best way to apply foundation for perfect, even coverage.

“And then you always put foundation on your eyelids as well – I just do everywhere – go all the way up [to] your hairline, otherwise you’ve got a super white scalp and it looks a bit funny,” she explains.

But be careful with the ol’ foundation to hairline trick! Ricki-Lee also revealed that it can backfire if not done correctly. After uploading snaps to her Instagram page, she was horrified when she noticed the foundation in her hairline was visible and one of her followers asked about her greying roots. “It looked like I had white roots, it was really funny.”

So, be warned!

She also says, “I hate, for me anyway, a really kind of set, powdered face. Because I’ve got heaps of freckles, I kind of like them coming through. I put on a lot of foundation but it’s foundation that looks like skin. It doesn’t look like I’ve literally got a paintbrush and painted my face.” 

So what kind of foundation does one use to avoid this? Both for her everyday makeup look and for those special event, Ricki-Lee’s go-to coverage is Elis Faas Skin Veil Foundation. She mixes a combo of two shades (F103L and F104L) on her hand, saying, “It’s thick and creamy and it stays. But it still looks like skin – you don’t look like a cake face…the good thing with this foundation is that your freckles do show. And I like that.”

#3 / Add definition to your face

Ricki-Lee uses Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color Matte in Bondi Bae to contour around her eyes and nose, creating some definition and shape around her face. She does so by blending the contouring cream under the brow bone with an eyeshadow brush: “I don’t really have much of an eyelid, thanks mum. So I have to create a crease on my face otherwise I kind of just look like a flat pancake.” 

She also “thins out” her nose with an “instant nose job” by contouring down either side of her nose to add definition. “Make sure you blend it in though or you look like a freak if you don’t.” 

At the end of her routine she goes back and adds a little more depth, drawing a line underneath her cheekbones, across her hairline and lightly over her jawline. “Get that movie star jaw going on,” she says.

#4 / Don't apply eyeshadow all the way to the inner corners of your eye

Ricki-Lee's trick for bigger, brighter eyes? She doesn’t bring the eyeshadow right to the inner corners of her eyes. Yep, this is something we wished we had known, like, yesterday. Instead of applying her eyeshadow colour right into the inner section of her eye, she concentrates on blending it into the crease of her eye and over the lid, before blending it out and under her brow.

#5 / Use a brow pencil a shade lighter than your hair

As for the brows, Ricki-Lee says she likes to use brow pencils that are a few shades lighter than her brows in order to keep things looking nice and natural. “I’m a freak with eyebrows. I don’t like a super severe eyebrow on my face - it’s so top-heavy and I don’t like it,” she says.

“So the eyebrow pencils I use aren’t exactly the same colour as my eyebrows…I tend to use lighter shades that have more warmth in it.”

And that’s it! According to Ricki-Lee, it usually takes about 20 minutes. “It’s really quick and easy, especially in the morning when you want to get out of the house. It looks like you’re not wearing makeup, it just enhances your natural beauty.”

Check out the full tutorial below:

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What do you think of Ricki-Lee’s everyday makeup routine? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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