We’re calling it: A silk scarf will be THE hair accessory for summer

silk hair scarves for summer

And here are four ways to wear it

Beauty Crew Editor / October 04 2019

In the last year we’ve seen a surge of images on our social media feeds of influencers and celebrities alike sporting silky, colourful and patterned scarves, neckerchiefs, wraps, bandanas and whatever else you want to call them, in a variety of ways that has convinced us that the silk scarf is the hair accessory you’ll want to invest in right now. 

Head scarves are the easiest way to dress up your hair and they're a cinch to style. From a simple wrap-and-knot to intricate ponytails woven with scarves, we love their versatility.

And the best news? It's a trend that suits all hair types and, unlike many hair ties, silk scarves won't damage your hair!

To ensure you get the most out of a silk hair scarf this summer, we spoke to the brains behind a couple of Australian silk scarf brands to find out what to look for in a silk scarf and how to nail the headscarf fashion looks seen on and off the runways.

How to pick your hair scarf size and shape

There are two things to think about when investing in a silk scarf: whether you want to opt for a square shape or a twilly hair wrap (a long, thin shape), and how big you want it. Both will affect the overall look you create.

When it comes to size, Charlotte Backlund and Sali Sasi, the women behind Australian silk brand Frankie Peach, recommend looking for a square scarf measuring 60 x 60cm to 75 x 75cm, while Ivana Radovic, founder of Ivana Scarves, adds that it's best to avoid a square size smaller than 55 x 55cm. 

As for a twilly-style scarf, they’re likely to be fairly measured to size, but those with a longer length may require a bit more wrapping. 

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that the larger the size of your scarf, the more material you’ll have to play with. So if you’re looking for a full, voluminous style, opt for a bigger head scarf; but if you want something that’s a bit tighter or neater, pick a smaller one. 

And how do you decide which scarf shape to buy?

Backlund and Sasi explain it like this: “The twilly is great for ‘scarf virgins’ and can be wrapped around a topknot, tied as a headband, as well as worn as a bow. A square scarf is perfect for a dramatic ponytail look, but can also be tied and knotted a lot of different ways around your head.”

Radovic’s recommendation? “Have both as part of your wardrobe so you can enjoy both looks.”

How to wear a silk hair scarf

There are actually a variety of ways to wear your silk scarf: Here are four ways to style a hair scarf – regardless of whether you’ve picked a square or twilly shape.

TOP TIP: The best thing about wearing a silk scarf? It’s the perfect accessory to hide a dirty hair day!

Wrap it around your bun

66 The Label

Ivana Scarves

Frankie Peach

“The scarf-bun combination is about to be the biggest hit of summer. I wear mine with some hoop earrings and I instantly feel like I’m on holidays. Also, try to choose more floral or colourful designs,” says Radovic.

If you want to keep the tails long or voluminous, only wrap your scarf around your bun once and tie; but if you’d prefer to keep the tails short, keep wrapping and tie when you’re happy with the length.

To get an idea of how to wrap a twilly shape and square scarf around your bun, check out the online tutorial on Frankie Peach.

Tie it around your ponytail

@agirlobsessed wearing Frankie Peach

Saasha Burns

Ivana Scarves

Looking to make use of the natural texture in the lengths of your hair? Use a hair band to secure your hair in a high or low ponytail and wrap your silk scarf to your heart’s content.

A bigger square scarf will give you more volume in the tails, giving the style some oomph.

Create a headband

Anna Heinrich in Frankie Peach

Nadia Fairfax

Jennifer Hawkins

Whether you want to tie the knot of your silk scarf at the nape of your neck, or make a statement with the knot á la D&G, a headband (or turban) is just the accessory to hide greasy roots.

Classic striped scarves or one-coloured pieces tied at the front of the head with an updo or pony is an easy way to add a bit of coolness to an otherwise simple outfit,” says Radovic.

Loop it around to create a bow

Steph Claire Smith

66 The Label

Frankie Peach

Thought silk scarves were just for knots? Try your hand at creating a cute little bow to add a touch of feminine flair to your look.

Backlund and Sasi can’t get enough of this style. “One of our fave ways we have seen recently [was] on one of our customers, who perfectly tied it as a bow at the back of her hair.”

A twilly shape makes it a lot easier to secure a perfect bow.

“If you are going for a dressier feel, we suggest wearing a twilly as a bow, or fold a square into a headband and tie it at the bottom with the knot slightly to the side.”
Charlotte Backlund and Sali Sasi
Frankie Peach

How to make sure your silk scarf stays put

As luxurious as a silk wrap feels, it tends to slip and slide. So Radovic has this advice: “Secure it with some trusty bobby pins. Place the pins low, near your ears, and possibly up under the knot. Remember, bobby pins hold best with the wavy side down. 

If you’re wearing your silk scarf around your pony or bun, don’t be afraid to tie it as tight as possible so it won’t budge. But not too tight, you still want to be comfortable.”

Additionally, Backlund and Sasi recommend making use of a texturising product to give your hair a little grit.  

Some silk scarf brands to look into

Convinced you need a silk scarf in your life? Look into these brands:

Frankie Peach
Ivana Scarves
66 The Label
Florence Broadhurst

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Which hairstyle would you like to try with a silk scarf? Please share with us in the comments section below

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