How you should actually be using texturising hair products

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From sea salt sprays to texture sprays, here’s what you need to know

Beauty Crew Editor / August 04 2017

Although smooth and sleek celebrity hairstyles are climbing up the ranks of hair looks to copy, messy, textured hair is still a go-to favourite. 

That tactfully dishevelled ‘I woke up like this’ finish has cemented itself as one of the biggest hair trends of the moment. The vast array of texturising products on the market is testament to that. 

But how does one actually create that mussed-up look without veering too far into bird’s nest territory? We got the lowdown from MOB Hair co-founder and hairstylist Tarryn Cherniayeff on how you can expertly nail the use of texturising hair products to get the look.


Know which texturising products to use

According to Cherniayeff, you can create your texture on either dry or wet hair – you just need to be aware of what kind of texturising product to use depending on when you’re applying it.

When hair is wet, use a sea salt spray like Sachajuan Ocean Mist or mousse (TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse will do the trick) to give your hair the grit it needs for a textured hairstyle. If you’re looking to create your messy look on dry hair then use a dry texturising spray like Toni & Guy Rough Texturiser.

Best texturising hair products


Understand how to use your texturising products

When it comes to using a dry texturising spray, Cherniayeff says to use it “on dry hair after heat styling. Spray onto your hair once you’ve used hair tongs or a straightener to create your desired look. I use Kevin.Murphy Doo.Over as my go-to. I spray it roughly 30cms away from the hair. The amount used depends on how much hair a client has. I often run my hands through as I'm spraying to create more texture, and I often blast with a hairdryer afterwards to create more volume,” she adds. 

As for your wet styling products (sea salt spray and mousse), apply on wet hair and then move onto drying and styling your hair afterwards.

kevin murphy doo over
TOP TIP: When it comes to using dry texturiser sprays, make sure you spray then use your fingers to work the product into your hair to create the texture.


Pick the right place to apply your hair texturising products

Not quite sure where you should be applying your texturising product for maximum messy effect? “Most products can be used from the root to the end, however you typically want to create movement and texture from your mid-lengths to ends, as this is where the hair lacks movement and life,” says Cherniayeff.

TOP TIP: Don’t go overboard when applying your texturising product, you still want your hair to look good and have movement. Start slow and build up as needed.

Looking for new ways to styled your textured hair? Try this textured ponytail for a look that's easy, chic and stylish.

How do you like to create texture in your hair? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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