Kate Middleton’s makeup artist reveals her secret to glowing skin

It’s so much simpler than you’d expect

Beauty Crew Contributor / July 03 2017

Kate Middleton is known for many things – her bouncy blow-dry and flawless skin top the beauty list. So, when Kate’s makeup artist, Arabella Preston (who also happens to be a former beauty editor), revealed to The Cut the skin care secret she credits for the Duchess’s glowing complexion, we were eager to find out how we could replicate it (the step and her flawless skin). 

While it would not be outrageous to expect a complicated 10-step routine, or expensive facial treatment to be responsible for Kate’s skin, Preston actually credits what she calls a ‘flannel’, a term that more or less describes your run of the mill face washer. Preston recommends choosing a towel that has firm but soft fibres as it exfoliates the skin without the harshness of a motorised cleanser brush.

And when it comes to the perfect cleanser to use with your face washer, she’s pro oil. “I believe a large majority of skin problems can be put down to dehydration,” Preston told Glamour in another interview, adding that the culprit is often foaming cleansers. She advocates an oil for better, more nourishing results.  

She suggest applying a cleansing oil first to dry skin before steaming the face washer in hot water and using it to gently wipe your face. The oil, she explains, “takes makeup off brilliantly, and instead of leaving skin dry and tight, leaves it soft, plumped and with its balance restored."

Votary Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil

Sukin Super Green Cleansing Oil

shu uemura cleansing oil premium

If the idea of adding an oil to your skin care routine is a completely foreign concept, here is everything you need to know about facial oils, including which one is right for you.

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