The average number of steps in a beauty regimen will shock you

How does your routine stack up?

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 10 2018

It’s fair to say that all of us have a beauty routine of some form or another. Whether you stick to the bare basics or have a beauty stash that rivals a Priceline store, everyone tends to tailor a regimen that works best for them.

These days however, those with a simple beauty routine are becoming few and far between as a recent study conducted by UK beauty retailer Superdrug found the average female beauty regimen is 27 steps long!

This rise in the length and complexity of women’s beauty routines and their desire to change up their look doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Just in the last few years, makeup trends that range from contouring to strobing and ombré lips to draping have gained mass followings around the world, all of which are not for the time-poor. Add to that Koreas intense 12-step skin care routines that have caught the attention of many globally, and we guess 27 isnt such an unrealistic number after all. But still27?! Who has the time?

While we’re undoubtedly living in a time that is very pro makeup, there’s no doubt that just like fashion trends, beauty trends come in and out of style. We’re already seeing multiple celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Drew Barrymore and Megan Fox ditch the makeup and opt for a fresh face. Alicia Keys has taken the bare-faced look even further by embarking on the #NoMakeupMovement, appealing for a filter-free social media.

We say do what works for you. If you love experimenting with makeup, try the 27-step approach, or if you like to keep things simple, try the makeup-free trend.

For natural-looking makeup inspiration, check out these Blake Lively looks. For something more intense, check out Kylie Jenners low-key 16-step makeup routine.

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