Selena Gomez just tried a DIY hack for heatless waves

Selena Gomez’s Failed DIY Hair Hack

Her reaction to the results couldn't have been more hilarious

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / November 03 2019

Ever try those online hair tutorials that are supposed to be super easy to follow along, but you just can't get it to work on your own hair like the person on the screen can? Yeah, we've been there, and it seems the ever-relatable Selena Gomez has too.

Since debuting an ultra-long set of fresh new hair extensions, it seems Selena Gomez has been having some fun playing around with her long hair styling techniques.

Selena's most recent endeavour was a pre-bedtime braid tutorial she found online that was supposed to achieve pretty waves (without heat styling tools) once the braid was undone the next morning.

Although Selena hasn’t revealed the exact tutorial she was using, we’re guessing she was going for something kinda like this:

Anyway, Selena gave the DIY heatless waves method a red hot go. And, as her grandparents were staying with her, Selena enlisted the help of her grandfather to film the results.

“I saw this online where you’re supposed to flip your hair and braid it and it’s supposed to come out amazing, so let’s see,” Selena began while gesturing to the big, messy braid on the side of her head.

After shaking out the braid to reveal the results, Selena questioned her grandfather: “How does it look?” To which he candidly responded with what we were all thinking: “NOPE!”

It seems Selena was totally unimpressed with the results, too.

“Man, girls be lying saying ‘do it yourself, it’s so easy, it’s so pretty.’ No,” she joked while examining the final look.

We have to say, although we think Selena could wear any hairstyle and still look fab, these lacklustre messy ‘waves’ probably aren’t her best beauty look ever.

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Have you tried this technique for heatless waves? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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