Sofia Vergara shares her refreshing approach to exercise

And why she doesn’t desire a six-pack

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 03 2017

Sofia Vergara has been a beauty muse of ours for years. While we love reflecting on the countless number of stunning hair and makeup looks the Modern Family star has rocked over the years, we also love hearing what the actress has to say about her health, body and approach to fitness. That’s why we were excited to learn Sofia is gracing the cover of the Women’s Health Naked Issue. Here are the top three things we learned from the honest actress during her interview with the mag:

#1 / She has a refreshing approach to fitness

Sofia revealed that growing up in traditional Colombian culture meant there was little emphasis placed on women participating in organised fitness. As a result, the actress only became interested in exercise and working out when she met her now husband and fellow actor, Joe Manganiello. “Meeting Joe has changed my whole approach to health – I have no excuses,” she said.

And Joe’s interest in working out extends well past a weekly gym visit; he’s installed a bespoke and fully-equipped gym in their own Beverly Hills mansion, where Sofia exercises three to four times a week with a personal trainer. “Working out is like torture for me – I’m in a bad mood two hours before, I’m in a bad mood while I’m doing it, I’m even in a bad mood at the end because then I have to schedule the next class. But I have accepted it, because it’s now part of my life. I know that for my health, it has to be,” she shared.

We’re right there with you on that Sofia!

#2 / She believes having realistic body goals is essential

While there’s no denying Sofia has a body many women covet, she said she’s realistic with her body goals. In fact, the actress has a knee problem, which means, “I can’t do squats, jumps or running.” Instead she uses a Megaformer, which is like an advanced Pilates machine to keep her fit and toned.

Additionally, she revealed exercising for her “is not about having muscles or cut abs. I don’t have abs at all.” She also added, “I don’t think I need to be like a fit model with a perfect body. That would take too much effort!”

#3 / She thinks balance is so important

What you may or may not know about the actress is that she suffered from thyroid cancer when she was 28, which means she needs to take medication every day to keep her hormones in check. As a result, she’s careful with what she eats, making sure to follow a healthy diet from Monday through to Thursday.

“During the week, I’ll have egg whites with vegetables for breakfast or wheat toast and avocado – all things that people eat now that are healthy,” she revealed. However, once the weekend comes around, all bets are off. “On Friday and the weekend I eat whatever I want to,” she said, which we imagine includes all the delicious looking doughnuts and desserts that so often feature on her Instagram.

Sofia Vergara is on the latest cover of Women’s Health across five continents and 15 countries as part of the brand’s first Global Naked Issue.

Women’s Health Australia Global Naked issue is on sale now.

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Do you share Sofia’s hate for working out but do it anyway? Share your thoughts on the Women’s Health Global Naked Issue with us too in the comments below.

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