Taylor Swift is allegedly launching a lipstick line

No prizes for guessing the supposed star shade

Digital Beauty Editor / November 24 2021

Taylor Swift fans have been well and truly fed lately. We’ve definitely had a hearty appetite for the content we’ve been getting, too – which other fandoms could send a 10-minute song written nine years ago to number one?!

Well, Swifties (and lipstick fans alike), buckle up; we’ve got some more (potentially) earth-shatteringly exciting news for you. Loving him was red, sure, but according to celeb gossip Instagram bible Deux Moi (IYKYK), Swift is gearing up to make sure all of our lips are as well. The exact same shade of red as her own famed pout, that is.

Yes indeed, the rumour mill seems to think that Swift (the undisputed queen of cherry red lips) is launching a lipstick line. And while another celeb starting another beauty brand does seem excessive, we must admit this is an exception – anyone with as many lyrics about red lipstick as Swift, as well as a proven track record of wearing it, plus, hell, a whole album titled with the same name as her signature shade, is in the clear.

So what do we know thus far?! Well, practically nothing if we’re honest. But Deux Moi (who are clear re: the fact that claims are not confirmed, but are almost always on the money) doesn’t mess around when it comes to celeb beauty brand predictions – Addison Rae and Billie Eilish’s fragrance lines were both rumoured on the page’s hallowed Instagram Stories weeks before coming to public fruition.




The first hint? An anonymous email submission was sent to Deux Moi just as 'Red (Taylor’s Version)' took over our lives, under the pseudonym “primary colour” – red, hello?! Labelled with the subject “beauty industry”, the message read “this A+ musician soon to join the beauty industry with a lipstick brand. Keep up with updates cause there’ll be more info coming.”

We think it's pretty clear who said musician is; if there’s an A list and then an A+ list, Swift definitely sits on the latter – to quote Barbara Walters, "she is the music industry".

Another telling tip? In a recent Deux Moi Q&A, the social media enigma reshared an eager fan’s plea of “Please tell me the tswift lipstick line is going to happen”, alongside a suspicious side-eye emoji. If that’s not a 2022 Internet source’s version of a confirmation we don’t know what is.


So while we’re of course waiting to hear (to paraphrase “End Game”, an underrated banger) the truth directly from Taylor’s red lips, we advise prepping your pouts/wallets/heart rates just in case – the writing’s basically on the wall, and it's written in red lipstick...

Main image credit: Getty Images

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