The most popular celebrity haircuts of 2018

Jennifer Lawrence hair cut

The references you’ll be taking along to your next hair appointment

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 12 2018

Chances are you’ve been burned by a bad haircut at some point in your life. Whether the stylist cut it too short, removed too many layers or made you look like you were wearing a LEGO helmet, a bad haircut can really mess with your self-esteem. One of the easiest ways to avoid such a disaster is to take reference photos of celebrity cuts in with you so your hairdresser can get a better understanding of the look you’d like to achieve. Which celebs have the most inspirational hair right now? We spoke to four of Sydney’s top hairdressers who revealed their most-requested celebrity haircuts of 2018. 

Barney Martin, Barney Martin Hair, Surry Hills

Alexa Chung
“We have a lot of Alexa Chung references brought in,” says Martin, adding, “This is a great one as it’s a versatile style that can be worked to suit most face shapes, providing the hair is not too thick or curly”.

If you’re looking to achieve Alexa’s look yourself, Martin explains “it’s all about the cut and creating one that gives natural texture to the hair. I’m a big fan of using a razor for this style on medium to thick hair. On finer hair, I would cut blunt lines and then point cut in with short slices to soften the shape.” When it comes to styling, Martin recommends sticking to dry shampoo and sea salt spray to recreate Alexa’s signature un-done texture.

Alexa Chung

John Pulitano, Headcase Hair, Paddington

Lily Aldridge
There’s something about Lily Aldridge’s effortlessly edgy beauty look that has stolen the hearts of John Pulitano’s clients, especially those looking to try something new. “The shaggy Lily Aldridge with bangs vibe is a really nice way to go at the moment. It’s time to shake things up a bit,” says Pulitano. “This look is achieved by using a few various layering techniques. Firstly, I would cut the bangs. This gives me the rest of the haircut to see how the hair is behaving,” he explains. Next up, he cuts the side bangs, taking care not to make the side shaping too round. “I also like it to be a bit disconnected around the side. Then, I would shape the long layers around the face.” He adds that “once the whole front is done, I carry the layering through to the back”.

Styling-wise, Pulitano sprays Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Blow Dry Lotion onto dampened hair before blasting hair dry and turning the ends a little with a round brush. He finishes with a generous spray of Oribe Dry Texturising Spray.

Lily Aldridge

Tarryn Cherniayeff, MOB HAIR, North Bondi

Jennifer Lawrence/Margot Robbie
If Hair Director and Master Colourist at MOB HAIR, Tarryn Cherniayeff’s word is anything to go by, the famous lob isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “The most requested celebrity cut would be the Margot Robbie/Jennifer Lawrence shaggy lob.” To replicate their cuts,  Cherniayeff says, “this look can be achieved by a blunt base line and chipping into the interior layers, making sure to keep length around the face”. She adds that the greatest thing about this style is its versatility. Not only can the look be easily adapted to different face shapes, she says “you can alter the length to have it quite short or achieve a similar look on a longer scale”. 

Jennifer Lawrence

Alex Fuchs, Fuchs Hair, Waterloo

Margot Robbie
According to Fuchs, Margot Robbie’s super long bob (lob) is by far the most requested celebrity look for the summer. He explains, “I have so many women wanting to go much lighter for spring/summer and a lot of them are cutting their hair off. What I love about Margot’s look is that you can wear it straight and sleek or with a loose beach wave.” 

To recreate the look, Fuchs recommends keeping the hair at collarbone length at the front and slightly shorter at the back to allow strands to sit and fall beautifully. He also suggests that before choosing which hairdresser you go and see, it’s vital to do your research and choose a good salon with a well-educated cutter and colourist. “Your stylist should be able to look at a celebrity cut and colour and adjust it to your hair type and face shape.”

Margot Robbie

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