8 ways to update your lob this year

Cuts and colours to refresh your style

Beauty Crew Editor / January 06 2017

Among the big beauty trends of 2016, the lob haircut was up there as one of the most popular. 

Sitting somewhere between a bob and a long cut, the shoulder-grazing style became the go-to for women around the world thanks to its manageability, versatility and cool factor. 

But now we’re in a new year, and if you’ve been wearing a lob for a while and feel like it’s time for a refresh while still holding onto the popular style, we’ve got some ideas on how to give your ‘do an epic update.


Cut in some layers

If you’ve been sporting a one-length-lob, try cutting in a few layers for extra shape and volume. But to avoid getting the cult 90’s cut made popular by Friends and Jennifer Aniston, Tarryn Cherniayeff, Hair Director and Co-founder of MOB HAIR recommends asking for internal layers. “Internal layers are the best way to avoid getting the ‘Rachel’. They’ll give you texture and movement without the flicky, bouncy bits,” she says.

Olivia Munn lob


Add some front layers

Another option for giving your lob new shape – especially if it’s growing into long hair territory like Sienna Miller's – is to cut some face-framing layers at the front. This will help soften the style and give it some new life.

Sienna Miller lob


Try root stretching

This colouring technique is more for the blondes and light-haired ladies out there, and is a great way to update your colour while minimising the maintenance required. “Root stretching is technique that we use to blur the regrowth line and create a blended look. We apply the desired colour to the roots and then smudge it through the mid lengths to create a soft shadow on the roots. It's a great option for blondes as you get a lot longer out of your colour,” says Cherniayeff.

Jennifer Lawrence Lob


Ask for choppy ends

Shake up the monotony of an unlayered style by asking for choppy ends. This will add some texture and movement to your lob while keeping the base lightweight.

Cara Delvingne lob
TOP TIP: If your hair is quite fine, Cherniayeff recommends asking for a blunt cut, as this will create the illusion of more or thicker hair.


Give ombre a try

The latest version of ombre, sombre (subtle ombre), makes it incredibly easy for women with block colour hair to get into lightening their hair without feeling like it’s too much. Created using a balayage or foilyage technique, the result will give your hair natural depth and texture, and the addition of caramel and honey tones will look brilliant when you master the technique for adding waves to your lob.

Alexa Chung lob


Get babylights

Already done the ombre colour and need an update that still gives your hair colour and texture? Ask your hairdresser for babylights. The colouring technique uses foils and some serious weaving to create teeny-tiny highlights that blend into your natural colour to give you an over-all lighter finish.

Rose Byrne Lob


Cut a fringe

Not one for the low-maintenance girl – add even more edge to your lob haircut by getting a fringe. You can try a curtain fringe, which will suit everyone or if you'd prefer your fringe to suit your traits a bit more, ask your hairdresser to cut a fringe that works best for your face shape. If you're still on the fence when it comes to getting a fringe, here are a few things to consider before getting the chop.

Lily Collins lob


Change your part

Something as simple as changing from a middle part to a side or a deep side part could be all it takes to give your hair the refresh it needs. 

But just a warning to those who have hair coloured at the roots: you’ll have to take a trip to your hairdresser. 

“If you have a style where the majority of your colour is done through the parting, then I'd recommend going to see your colourist to have few minor updates. You don't need to have the complete colour redone, but a few touch-ups around the new parting will work wonders to update your style,” says Cherniayeff.

Sarah Hyland lob

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