The top 10 wellness trends on TikTok

From cloud bread to the terrifying ‘75 Hard’ challenge...

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 23 2021

In case you hadn’t heard the exciting news, TikTok will be leading a new health-focused initiative that allows users to curate the app’s content for a more mindful experience. 

According to a report by Champney’s, the initiative is called the ‘Wellness Hub’ and it will be housing all things pertaining to food, nutrition, fitness, life advice, mindfulness and skin care, in the hopes of fostering a more positive online environment. The hub was created in response to TikTok users wanting to take their wellbeing into their own hands, after COVID-19 made access to amenities such as the gym, spa and salons more difficult.

Want to know what to expect? These are the top 10 wellness trends on TikTok.

Tootsie Slide Challenge – 6,500,000,000 views

Inspired by Drake’s song ‘Tootsie Slide’, this dance challenge has captured the hearts of people the world over, with TikTokers kicking up their heels and sliding all over the place with wild abandon.

Cloud Bread – 3,200,000,000 views

Cloud bread is exactly what you would imagine – light, fluffy clouds of bread that the creative kids of TikTok have decorated with food dye in a veritable rainbow of colours.

Skincare by Hyram – 2,300,000,000 views

Hyram has helped TikTokers curate their perfect skin care routine and now they are sharing their exciting results. If you’re after a satisfying before and after, then look no further.

Nature's Cereal – 867,100,000 views

Ditch your favourite brand of cereal and milk because the latest craze in breakfast foods is all about adding some nutrition back into the most important way to start your day. We’re talking about a bowl full of coconut water and an assortment of fruit – controversial news for all you gluten and dairy lovers out there.

Pushup Challenge – 699,200,000 views

In our books, any push-up is a challenge, so we commend the people of TikTok for making the effort to do more than one. We see you.

75 Hard Challenge – 380,600,000 views

This fitness challenge is not for the faint of heart. We’re talking about a strict diet (no cheat days), two 45-minute workouts a day, reading every day and drinking a bucket load of water daily too. And if you miss a day or make an exception? Well the 75 days starts again and you’re back at ground zero. A terrifying prospect to say the least.

Speak Your Mind – 144,600,000 views

This hashtag is all about encouraging mindfulness, advocating for honesty around mental health and personal issues, such as giving insight into the effects of misogynistic comments and personal journeys to self-acceptance.

Glass Skin – 112,700,000 views

Glass skin is a term that’s been floating around the beauty sphere for a while now, so we are eternally grateful to the TikTokers that have taken the time to share their secrets for attaining that perfect glass-finish.

12-3-30 Challenge – 22,300,000 views

Got access to a treadmill with an incline feature? Then get ready to feel the burn because this trend is all about optimising your workout using alternating gradients and speeds. Phew, we’re tired just thinking about it TBH.

Salad jars – 1,400,000 views

This trend is exactly what you think it is – salad in a jar. The travel-friendly way to store your salads is also space saving, meaning you can prep all your meals for the week and not have to worry about taking up precious shelf space in the fridge.

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Main image credit: @skincarebyhyram

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