The beauty and wellness rituals Tina Yong can't go a day without

From Netflix to nourishing skin care

Digital Beauty Editor / May 24 2021

One look at beauty guru Tina Yong’s Instagram and we don’t know what we envy more: her ability to spot nail art trends (her feed is an inspo goldmine), her ridiculously cute toy poodle Biscuit (he has better hair than us), or the fact that her face is the actual epitome of glowy, clear and smooth.

All in all, her life looks like an absolute treat – and she’s worked (and still works) hard to make it that way. So what does an actual day in Yong’s life look like? And how does she get that glossy complexion? BEAUTYcrew caught up with her to find out…

Tina Yong’s morning routine

The pillars of her morning routine? Moving her body, kick-starting her mind, and mastering her skin care. “I wake up at 8am and start my day with a quick 10 minute morning yoga, then I’ll have a coffee and check my social media and emails.”

“[Skin care wise], in the mornings I like to focus on hydrating and protecting my skin, so I usually start off with a double cleanse with the fresh soy cleanser followed by Lancôme Clarifique — a dual essence. I’ll give that a minute to absorb, then for more hydration I’ll apply my Génifique serum all over, then pat on Génifique Yeux Light Pearl around my eye area. Finally, I’ll protect my skin with a moisturising sunscreen from supergoop.”

Tina Yong’s daily routine

Once her skin is prepped, it’s time to polish up for the work day, though Yong keeps it pretty natural day-to-day. “Most days if I’m just working at my studio, I like to be makeup free unless I am filming or attending events. For those days I like to opt for a soft makeup look with natural looking false lashes from my brand Petite Cosmetics. For hair, I’ll do something quick and easy like soft waves or I’ll just tie it in a low pony.”

“I usually get into my studio at 9:30am and start working on content ideas or I’ll edit videos. Then I’ll have a quick bite around 1pm – I usually get a sandwich or poke bowl. Then from 2pm onwards I’ll film videos for my YouTube channel and that usually wraps up around 6pm or 7pm depending on the type of video.”

Tina Yong’s evening routine

The first thing she does after getting in the door (and as we’d assume, patting Biscuit)? Cleanse away the day, and load up on replenishing topicals for the night ahead. “In the evenings I like to focus on healing and nourishing my skin so I like to apply Lancôme Clarifique, Advanced Génifique Serum, either a vitamin C serum or retinol serum, and then finish off with Advanced Génifique Eye Cream and Absolue Soft Cream.”

Once her face has wound down, it’s time for her body and mind to do the same: “Korean BBQ and Netflix is my ideal way to unwind after a long week. I love watching reality TV shows and this week I’ve been having a good laugh over Love Island.” Amen to that.

Tina Yong’s self-care strategies

Of course, everyone has their down days, though. Luckily, Yong has a few tried-and-true strategies for dealing with them.  “Yoga and meditation have been really helpful – whenever I feel stressed or anxious, I’ll take a break and  put on a 10 minute mediation video to help me unwind and de-stress.”

“If I’m having a [particularly] bad day, spending time with my partner and dog always cheers me up. We’ll take her to the dog park and watch her play with other fur babies.”

After all, a sturdy self-care routine (puppy play dates included) always wins out in the end.

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