The genius trick to shift a stubborn part

And it doesn’t involve rewashing your hair

Beauty Crew Editor / September 07 2016

If you’ve ever caught yourself swearing at your stubborn hair part when you’re trying to create a slick (and part-less) high ponytail, makeup artist and hair stylist Sarah Laidlaw has got the genius trick to help shift your hair so it’s like your part didn’t even exist.

TOP TIP: You can use this trick if you’re trying to change the position of your part, too.


Wet the area

We’re not talking about a full-on hair washing session, you just want to wet the front of your part. “Wet your hair, because that helps reshape it a bit,” says Laidlaw.


Add some product

Use a blow-dry gel or lotion and push it into your roots (almost like your rubbing it in), about an inch up, to give your hair some strength.

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Blow-dry in a different direction

To reset your part, “take your front section [around the part] and bring it straight down forward. If you blow-dry backwards towards your crown, it ends up being too flat,” says Laidlaw. 

So you’ll want to place your round brush on top of your section of hair, and blow-dry it straight down over your forehead. 

Laidlaw then advises to use the heat of the hairdryer to change the direction your hair wants to fall. “Use that heat on that very front bit that wants to go sideways and just pull it in its opposite direction. Hold it where you want it to go while it cools.”

No, you're free to tie your hair back into the part-less ponytail of your dreams, or create a part in a different area. Too easy!

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