3 ways to upgrade your braid

Take this versatile hairstyle to the next level

Women's Health Contributing Editor / September 07 2016

Braids are showing no signs of going away. What started out as a simple trend revival has escalated into the most versatile ‘do around. Celebs like Lucy Hale and Kim Kardashian, and hairstylists like Chris Appleton (the man putting the hair piercing trend on the map) are upping the ante every day and coming up with creative new ways to play with a braid. 

The beauty about a braid is that once you master the technique, you can consider your hairstyle repertoire instantly tripled. Here are three new ways to take the traditional braid to the next level.


Basic Double Braid

Apply a texturising product to give a gritty texture to hair and blast hair dry, says international hairstylist Kevin Murphy. Divide hair right down the middle from front to back, then braid each side flat to the head using the reverse French braid technique. Keep the braid flat at the nape then continue braiding down each side towards the ends of the hair. Secure with elastic the same colour as your hair, adds Murphy. Stop strand slip with Redken Braid Aid 03 Defining Hair Lotion pre-styling.

TOP TIP: Use two mirrors so you can see the back of your hair while you weave.


French Side Braid

Part your hair to the far right and take the section of hair from the shorter side. Braid down the side, staying as close to your hairline and ear as possible, and keeping the braid tight. Finish behind the ear and secure. Pin the rest of your hair underneath at the nape of the neck. Add textured waves and volume to the loose section of hair (we love L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverStrong Mineral Salt Texturising Spray), and sweep it across in the opposite direction to the braid.


Inside-Out Twin Ponytail Braids

Prep hair so it's smooth and workable with a spritz of hairspray (try Kevin.Murphy Doo.Over) then brush hair back to smooth out flyaways. Part your hair in the centre and grab two large sections of hair on either side of the part. Braid the sections inside-out (using the reverse French braid technique) until they meet above the nape of your neck. Tie the ends together then grab the rest of your hair and pull into a ponytail. Grab a 1cm thick strand and wrap tightly around the ponytail to cover the hair elastic and secure with a bobby pin for a sleek finish.

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