The *real* reason Emily Ratajkowski won't get plastic surgery

Plus the treatment she HAS tried

Editor / February 02 2023

Emily Ratajkowski has one of those faces that almost seems too good to be true. Perhaps you may want to peruse these iconic beauty looks of hers for a reminder of just how gorgeous it is. Like, the woman can even pull off a '00s side fringe.

But regardless of rumours and the fact it's hard to believe that anyone can be born that beautiful, she’s setting the record straight, confirming that plastic surgery simply isn’t her style. She did, however, reveal the treatment she has tried…

Has Emily Ratajkowski had plastic surgery?

When asked outright by Refinery29 whether she’s tried any surgeries, Ratajkowski was clear. “No. I have a particular face and look and don't like the idea of messing with it,” she shared. Fair enough!

And just in case you still had doubts, here's a throwback snap she posted of herself at age 13. The proof is in the pictures, after all.


Has Emily Ratajkowski had Botox?

The youth-preserving option she's sampled instead? “I like Botox,” she confirmed. “My best friends were getting Botox and I wanted to try it. I was terrified. But I was also like, everybody looks f*cking great. For people who don't live in New York or L.A., Botox seems really extreme. But even now, all my friends in San Diego, my hometown, they get Botox. It's so normal.”

The model/author/podcast host didn’t specify where she gets the Botox, but we’ve seen nary a line on her face in years, so we’d guess she may have opted for the most common areas: the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes.


Emily Ratajkowski's thoughts on the plastic surgery conversation

We must say we love her transparency! It seems Ratajkowski wanted to offer the same openness she was seeing, as she went on to share how she appreciates how far the conversation around tweakments has comes, with the ‘shrouded in shame’ vibe now a thing of the past.

“With plastic surgery in general, the way we talk about what's normal and taboo has completely changed. Like, [the] nose job check [trend on TikTok]. Even Doja Cat tweeted about how she's going to get surgery to get a breast lift. I think there's something really nice about how open women are being.”

Main image credit: @emrata

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