Gal Gadot reveals how she stays in shape

You’ll love her eating philosophy

Beauty Crew Contributor / June 13 2017

Now that Wonder Woman has hit the big screen, Israeli actress Gal Gadot is the talk of the town – and for good reason. As mother two daughters Alma and Maya, as well as on-screen superhero, the actress is about as busy as it gets. So when she shared with marie claire UK, Harper’s Bazaar and E! Online her eating philosophy and how she stays in shape, we were quick to take some notes. Heres what we learned:

#1 / Eat all kinds of food

That includes treating yourself (sometimes!). Gals attitude is to not deprive yourself of something you want to eat, because then you crave it even more. I eat pasta and ice cream and Ill eat burgers from time to time…that’s good for the soul. I make sure to balance everything out, she says. I dont want to be skinny but I do want to know that Im only putting quality fuel into my body. Gal credits fish and chicken as staples in her and her family’s diet.

#2 / Setting a healthy example is a priority

Her daughters Alma and Maya is her main priority, the actress explains, “I make sure that around 30-40 per cent of our family diet is made of cooked or raw vegetables. I want to know that what she feeds her body does her good.” The family’s go-to breakfast is smoothies, with ingredients like parsley, celery, green apples and ginger - “basically, we throw in whatever we have,” she says.

#3 / Cardio isn’t necessarily the key

After two years in the Israeli Defence Force, the actress isn’t afraid of a little hard work. Gal says she loves TRX (full body suspension training), “because everything’s working, your whole body.” She also revealed she does cardio but it definitely isn’t her favourite. “I’d much rather do weights,” she says. “But in my ordinary life when I don’t work, I like to paddle board.”

The actress has also spilled her beauty secrets; find out what products she credits for her superhuman skin.

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