This is the best fake tan for when you’re in a rush

According to Zoe Foster Blake

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / December 20 2018

There are *a lot* of good fake tans out there. But there are also a lot of crappy ones. And if you still haven’t found your Holy Grail self-tanner, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than trying out a whole heap of fake tans that smell gross and just make your skin look like a patchy, orange mess.

Luckily, you have genius people like Zoe Foster Blake to guide you in the right direction. And we all know a beauty recommendation from Zoe is like, absolute gold (we also reviewed our own favourite fake tans over here).

On her latest Instagram Story post, Zoe shared a snap of her bronzed, glowing pins, captioning the shot “Did a rushed self tan yesterday AM. One coat and u got a solid colour and no orange tone. And no stink. That’s whattalike.”

Pretty good for a rushed fake tan job! 

So, what is this said bottle of magic fake tan that helps you avoid streaks and bad smells? It’s Spray Aus Self Tan Mousse and Zoe says it’s the jam. She wrote, “I get Spray Aus spray tans cos the colour is dark, and they just fade away, don’t go all patchy and rank, but this is the first mousse of theirs I’ve used. And it is GEWD. Quick! Green-based! Spray tan-level dark! I apply in AM (or PM) then rinse after an hour.” 

Sold. This is pretty much everything you’d ever want in a fake tan, so we can see why she’s crushing on it.

For her regular non-rushy fake tan, Zoe is a fan of Le Tan Self-Tanning Foam Moroccan Argan Oil, praising it for both its lightweight formula and easy removal. “This is my favourite go-to for a regular/medium tan. Smells good. Light. I can wear overnight without waking up 100x all sticky and gross. Fades away without nuclear level exfoliation session. 10/10 recommend.”

As for the all-important mitt, Zoe swears by Jbronze Application Mitt (by Jennifer Hawkins) for a flawless application, every time. And we can confirm: Once you try an application mitt with a thumb, you will never look back – the extra width is *everything*.

“The best mitt I’ve used and always go back to is this J.Bronze one. Smoothe, fast and easy + flawless application! All those years using my hands! Whatta goose!” Zoe wrote.

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What’s your go-to self tanning product? Let us know in the comment section below.

Image credits: @zotheysay

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