The most Googled beauty questions and trends of 2019 have been revealed

The Most Googled Beauty Questions And Trends Of 2019 Have Been Revealed

Did your burning beauty question make the cut?

InStyle Junior Digital Content Editor / December 17 2019

Another year is coming to a close and it’s no secret that beauty reigned supreme in 2019. We saw some of the most adventurous beauty looks yet, bought into another round of celebrity beauty collaborations and as always, became obsessed with the latest and greatest products on the market.

We also relied on our trusty friend Google to answer all of our burning questions. In case we needed any confirmation on just how beauty-obsessed we are, Google has announced the top 10 biggest searches across trending beauty topics – including ‘how to apply’, ‘how to make’ and ‘celebrity style’.

Did your top questions make the list? Keep scrolling to find out.

‘How to apply…’

#1 / Colour street nails
#2 / Fake lashes
#3 / Blush
#4 / Toner
#5 / Liquid foundation
#6 / Individual lashes
#7 / Coconut oil to hair
#8 / Self-tanner
#9 / Mascara
#10 / Primer

‘How to make…’

#1 / Scrunchies
#2 / VSCO bracelets
#3 / Rice water
#4 / Temporary tattoos
#5 / Friendship bracelet
#6 / Lip scrub
#7 / Nails grow faster
#8 / Teeth white
#9 / Eyelashes longer

Celebrity style

#2 / Audrey Hepburn
#3 / Ariana Grande
#6 / Shia LaBeouf
# 7 /Cam Newton


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