2019 has been one wild ride for Kylie Jenner’s hair

Kylie Jenner’s Most Dramatic Hair Changes In 2019

These are her most dramatic looks

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / October 14 2019

2019 has been a year of epic hair transformations for Kylie Jenner. From pastel blue mermaid hair to some of the most extra knee-length hair extensions we’ve ever seen, the girl has done it all.

In fact, 2019 has been such a wild ride of a year for Kylie’s hair that we insist we all take a moment to reflect.

Here are Kylie’s most dramatic hair changes for 2019.

31 December: Pastel blue tresses

For a bit of New Year’s fun, Kylie popped a pastel blue rinse through her formerly blonde locks.

10 January: Blonde bombshell

After she’d had her fun being temporarily blue, Kylie went back to the platinum blonde shade she’d rocked throughout 2018.

14 January: Back to black

Surprising us all just four days after returning to blonde, Kylie sent Instagram into a spin when she returned to a shade that was close to her natural dark hair.

15 April: Ultra-long mermaid waves

Having a bit of fun with her brunette locks, Kylie went for some extra-long extensions, which she frequently styled in her go-to hairstyle of choice: undone mermaid waves.

17 July: Even-longer hair extensions

Taking her long hair to even longer extremes, Kylie debuted thigh-length hair extensions while holidaying with friends on an island.

14 June: Waist-length hair

After having her holiday fun with those insane hair extensions, Kylie opted for a chop (or possibly a return to her natural hair), cutting her tresses to waist length.

29 July: Cutesy lob

Kylie totally blew up the Internet when she unveiled a bold new lob in July. And, we have to say, this super-cute long bob is one of our fave Kylie hairstyles yet – especially when paired with these adorable snap clips!

13 September: Long locks (again)

Tiring quickly of her short hair, just a couple of months later Kylie was back to ultra-long locks. We’re guessing this is once again thanks to hair extensions as no one’s hair grows that quickly.

18 September: Choppy bob

Keeping us all on our toes, Kylie again went for a dramatic haircut, showing off this choppy bob in an Instagram post.

20 September: Long hair - yet again?!

Okay, we cannot keep up with this girl. Either she has a quality array of wigs and hair extensions at her fingertips, or she spends a lot of time in the hair salon chair getting her extensions reinstalled and taken out, over and over again.

9 October: Sleek bob

Kylie’s latest look is this sleek bob. We’re just quietly hoping she’ll keep it this way as we cannot keep up with this emotional rollercoaster of hair changes. Plus, she looks so chic.

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Which one of Kylie’s hairstyles or hair colours is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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