Ashley Graham just made a serious case for embracing underarm hair


Digital Beauty Editor / November 05 2020

We’ve all gone a day or twelve without shaving our pits – to be perfectly honest, we’ve been social distancing from our razors more than anything else since quarantine kicked off.

But hey, on the day of any appropriately-sized gathering or trip to the office we usually cave to the shave, and make sure our armpits are free of fuzz before heading out the door.

And though the choice between hair-free and hairy is totally an individual one, there’s no doubt that there’s usually a fair bit of pressure (from partners, pals and strangers on the street alike) to get our hairless levels down to something akin to that Naked Mole Rat on Kim Possible. Just in case you weren’t a fan of the show, that means totally stripped.

Well, Ashley Graham, for one, is sick of said societal expectation, recently taking to her tub to snap a selfie (an extremely artistic and wildly gorgeous nude shot, may we add) that seemed to dispel it altogether.

Because while her bronzed skin and legitimate take on the wet-look hair trend were no doubt eye-catching, it was her underarms that caught our attention. Wondering why? Well, they were pretty much the opposite of hairless; in fact, her armpit hair was on display in all its glory.

The best bit, though, is that Graham didn’t share the snap as a bold statement alongside a sassy caption like ‘arm hair, don’t care’. Instead she posted it like it wasn’t a big deal at all. Because, really, it isn’t – or at least it shouldn't be.

So, here’s to more underarm hair featuring in selfies from here on out. Or hey, less. Or hell, how about this, whatever you feel comfortable with. They’re your underarms, do with them what you wish. It’s what Graham (and her pits) would want.

Image credits: @ashleygraham

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