5 things our beauty editor has missed most during lockdown

(Social) distance makes the heart grow fonder

Advertising Feature by endota spa / July 20 2020

What I missed: Pretending I’m a natural blonde

The treatment: Hair colour

Few things are quite as humbling as convincing yourself your honey-hued hair is totally natural (a vicious lie, of course, but the mind is a powerful thing) only to be rudely reminded that it is absolutely, definitely, without a doubt, not.

In a cruel yet ironic twist of fate, I had actually cancelled a colour appointment a fortnight before lockdown kicked in, because, get this: I decided the time would be better spent at home. Oh, the naivety. Cut to a month later, and suddenly my look was less ‘Jennifer Lawrence’ and more ‘Cruella de Vil’.

It even got to the point where I could tie my hair back and only have blonde in the ponytail – quite literally a very dark time. And while I definitely toyed with the idea of going the box dye route, a mix of fear and lack of coordination lead me to waiting it out. Let’s just say I’d been dreaming of freshly blow-dried blonde for quite some time now, and the ‘natural’ mirage offered by constant colour touch-ups has been sorely missed.

What I missed: Escaping reality

The experience: Yoga sessions

Honestly, if ‘zen’ sits on one end of the spectrum, I’m pretty much at the other. Silent and relaxed is definitely not my natural state. But to paraphrase one Taylor Swift, sometimes I really need to calm down. And so, a few years back I committed to practicing yoga.

It was definitely a slow burn - it took me a while to get past the ‘you’re telling me I’m supposed to be putting my energy in my earlobes right now?’ stage - but during quarantine I noticed just how much I actually rely on the ritual. Losing access to your stress relief activity in a peak time of stress isn’t exactly ideal, after all.

The fact that my favourite studio (and its current closed sign) is visible from my balcony doesn’t help matters, either, but it’s safe to say that an activity built on the idea of people purposely breathing in and breathing out around each other isn’t the best idea right now. So, while I’ve dialled up my DIY frequency for the moment, I still keep a close eye on the aforementioned sign in the hope that it’ll soon say ‘open’.

What I missed: Having Bambi-like lashes

The treatment: Eyelash extensions

To most people, the ideal set of lashes is one that’s light, demure and could genuinely pass as a genetic gift because of how gorgeously natural they look. Yeah… that’s not my vibe. As someone with light eyes (and light lashes to match), I’ve never been much of a mascara person. I’d never be caught dead without it at the shops, of course (especially during quarantine while it was all I had), but when it comes to actually making my eyes look awake and defined, it never quite does the trick.

My love for extensions came about as a combo of two factors: firstly, my affinity for dramatic lash looks (TBH, I blame dance concerts), and secondly, just how truly un-fun falsies are to apply. You know that moment when you’ve perfected your makeup with two minutes to go before your out-the-door deadline, and you know everything will (and often does) fall apart if your glue, tweezers and lash placement don’t perfectly align? I swear those moments were taking years off my life.

And so, the obsession began. To be fair, my wallet and schedule definitely enjoyed the break (appointments, especially maximum-volume ones like the type I prefer, are both expensive and long), but I won’t pretend I hadn’t missed waking up looking like I could be on my way to a Vegas show.

What I missed: Getting my glow on

The treatment: Facials

As a beauty editor, I have the pleasure of getting more facials than most. The thing is, though, because I’m usually busy making mental notes of every scent, texture and sensation in order to relay them all to readers, they’re generally more educational than relaxing. I know, you’re probably feeling super sorry for me, right? No? Moving on.

The moral of the slightly obnoxious story is, when I find a skin treatment that actually allows me to actually relax, it’s a big deal. Well, endota spa’s Organic Infusion Facial is that treatment. Why, you ask? Because A, as a now several-times-over repeat customer I’m well aware of the decadent antioxidant and active botanical-packed exfoliant-moisturiser-mask regimen to expect so I’m able to completely shut off and enjoy, and B, it’s frankly quite impossible not to find serenity when multiple jade rollers are being swiped over your skin – heavenly.

And while my senses and relaxation levels certainly reap the rewards (think about it: when was the last time you allowed yourself to completely chill out for 50 solid minutes?), the fact that my complexion is calm, plump, and wildly glowy post-treatment is certainly another plus. The best part? Bookings are open this very second – unless you’re a Melbournian (in that case, may the thought of future facial tranquility get you through until COVID-19 restrictions allow Victorian Metro Melbourne spas to offer treatments once more). And if you are based outside of VIC, take it from me; this treatment will turn your entire week around. And the one after that as well; because you’re definitely going to be back for more once you’ve tried it.

What I missed: Indulgent body experiences

The treatment: Massages

I have a unique relationship with massages. For starters, I love them – like a ridiculous amount – but if I’m honest, I love facials just a tiny iota more; I mean, you heard me rave on about that skin treatment – I’m obsessed. So, despite the fact that my stress and tension levels definitely run high, I can rarely justify booking in for a body treatment over a facial one.

But this is where the vicious cycle sets in – I generally end up spending the minutes leading up to my skin treatment acutely aware of my stiff shoulders and aching feet, while my inner monologue goes on and on about how a massage would have been the smarter choice – not particularly helpful in the whole ‘trying to relax’ department. But let’s be real; nobody has time to make it to two separate appointments. That’s why I say get you a treatment that can do both.

Enter endota’s Surrender experience, which combines elements of my beloved Organic Infusion Facial with their incredible Organic Relax Massage, to allow you to experience two recharging treatments in one indulgent 75-minute visit. So, while your face gets plenty of hydration-boosting, skin-smoothing action, your body is treated to its own stress and tension-relieving experience, complete with warm jade stones that work to heal, centre and ground. Get ready to be nurtured from top to toe; literally, because it even includes a scalp and foot massage. Again, the booking calendar is open now (Victorian Metro Melbourne spas aside – here’s hoping they’ll be back up and running ASAP); what are you waiting for? Thank you notes from both your face and body are forthcoming.

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