The modern update on 60s mod makeup

Add some edge to the black and white look

Beauty Crew Editor / April 26 2016

The 60s was an excellent time for beauty trends. Winged liner was all the rage, bold brows were everything, hair couldn’t get high enough thanks to the beehive, and Twiggy’s iconic mod makeup look was all anyone wanted to recreate. 

Over the years, these looks have come and gone – and have adapted to suit modern times and trends. 

While the black and white mod look of yesteryear was all about contrast, these days it’s about adding some hints of shimmer, and playing around with your eyeliner shape. 

Here’s how to recreate the modern mod look:


Create your base

For a velvety smooth finish, use a matte foundation in the same shade as your skin tone. Gently buff in your foundation for a more natural effect.

If your skin is very oily, you can also start with a mattifying primer before your foundation, and finish with a setting powder. If your skin is quite dry, use your regular foundation, and then a powder to set your look.

TOP TIP: If you want to really embrace this look, blend your foundation over your lips to leave them looking a little muted.


Enhance your brows

If you usually opt for a more natural-looking brow, you’ll want to up the ante for this look. Using your regular brow pencil, build the colour up and enhance the top and bottom lines of your brows, as well as the arches, until you’ve achieved a bold finish. Finish by brushing your brows with your spoolie to blur any lines that are too harsh.


Draw your lines

Using a black or charcoal pencil eyeliner (this will give the soft, almost smudged finish), draw a line across your top lash line, and let the line extend beyond the corner of your eye – almost like your creating a small, slightly-downturned wing. 

On your bottom lash line, start your line from the centre of your eye, in line with your pupil, and draw it straight across and out, stopping at the point where your top line ends.

TOP TIP: For an edgier finish, don’t let these two lines meet.


Add shimmer

Using a metallic white, silver or gold eyeliner, highlight the inner corner of your eye, and the other half of your bottom lash line (from the inner corner to your pupil).


Create Twiggy-esque lashes

Coat your lashes in your regular mascara and, while the mascara is still a bit wet, pinch sections of your lashes together to create uniform clumps.


Add some warmth

If the black and white contrast is a bit too much for you and you want to add some warmth to your complexion, lightly dust a matte bronzer just under your cheekbones.

TOP TIP: If you want to create a slight contour, start your bronzer at your ear, and take the powder down towards where your cheekbone ends.


Finish with some colour

You can either leave your lips bare, or you can add some oomph to your mod look by applying a fire-engine red or bold orange lipstick


Embrace the hair, too

If you want to go all-out mod, create a deepside part in your hair, backcomb your hair at the crown to create volume and height, and secure in a low ponytail.

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