PSA: Mineral foundation is back in a BIG way

And we have expert tips on the *correct* way to apply it

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / March 29 2019

When it comes to the foundation game, you’ll find that people tend to think of mineral loose powder as a somewhat outdated foundation option, lost behind its flashy liquid and stick counterparts.

Sad, we know.

However, ask any makeup pro and chances are they’ll tell you that mineral powder is actually a pretty good deal. It’s the one type of foundation that a) suits every skin type, b) is easy to apply, and c) stays on your face past lunchtime.

Australian makeup artist and Nude By Nature ambassador Max May says there is a whole heap of benefits to using mineral powder foundation, including the speed of application (hello, snooze button) and longevity (goodbye, multiple touch-ups). “Applying a loose powder foundation not only makes applying your makeup a fuss-free, fast process, but it lasts a lot longer on the skin than most liquid or stick foundations,” he says.

May also notes that “You can decide on what areas of your face needs more cover and what needs less by the amount you apply," making mineral powders super versatile. 

The best part? Mineral makeup is talc-free and fragrance-free, which is good news for those with sensitive skin that's easily irritated. We also like the matte finish and natural skin look it delivers, and how most mineral formulas suit oily skin and dry skin types.

If you’re looking to get back on board the mineral foundation train, here are some tips on how to apply it properly.


Use the right brush

The best foundation brush to use for mineral powder is either a kabuki brush or a densely-packed powder brush. These are the best mineral makeup brushes because they pick up a good amount of powder foundation for a natural-looking finish. “Nude By Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover has a specially designed brush - the Nude By Nature Mineral Brush - with thick short bristles that give you the best hold on product and an even application with little to no expertise required to use,” says May. 


Apply in circular motions

After your brush is loaded with all that mineral goodness, gently tap the head of the brush on the side of the pot to dust off any excess face powder. Rather than using swiping or stippling motions, apply your powder foundation in a gentle circular motion so you get a flawless finish and even coverage.


Buff it out

Do you need full coverage? Simply adding more powder as you go gives you buildable coverage so you can opt for anything between light coverage to coverage that is full but not cakey. Just make sure you’re using the right technique, notes May. “The key is to buff the product in a circular motion so that it blends into the skin,” explains May. “I love to reapply where I need more coverage with the same technique. This allows you to build it out without it sitting on the surface of the skin.”

May’s mineral foundation of choice is Nude By Nature Mineral Cover, but we also like INIKA Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 25 and Raww From The Earth Loose Mineral Powder.

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Do you prefer a mineral powder, stick, or liquid foundation? Let us know which is your favourite and why in the comment section below.

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