The beauty account that may change how you swatch

Tired of horizontal lines? You’ll love this

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

If there’s anything that social media has taught us, it’s that beauty bloggers can be a pretty inventive and creative bunch. From very unique beauty hacks and new techniques for applying your makeup to wacky beauty challenges that are purely for entertainment purposes, it seems like there’s no limit to what the Internet can provide.

The latest craze that has caught our attention (and is definitely worth your dedicated Internet time) comes from Instagrammer Daisy Weigt. The Instagram star and influencer is not only extremely committed to providing her fan base with daily lipstick swatches, but she does it in the most creative way we’ve ever seen.

Weigt takes popular culture influences –  think everything from movies and TV shows like Toy Story and Game of Thrones to iconic logos from your favourite beauty brands – and creates her swatches in the designs of the titles.

While we love seeing the standard square, circle or rectangular arm swatches, these intricate and almost-identical replicas are a fresh new take on the swatching game.

We’d guess this isn’t the most economical way to be using lipstick (we think she’d be going through a fair few tubes to create her beauty artworks), but we love the gorgeous designs and think we’ll be checking back fairly regularly to see what she comes up with next.

If you’re as much of a lipstick addict as we are, then this account saves you from choosing the wrong lip colour for your skin tone ever again.

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