The Internet is blasting Kim Kardashian for letting North West wear makeup on Christmas Eve

The Internet Is Blasting Kim Kardashian For Letting North West Wear Makeup On Christmas Eve

Many have raised concerns the 6-year-old appears far older than her years

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / December 30 2019

What began innocently as a simple Instagram upload by Kim Kardashian of a snap of her daughter North West dressed up on Christmas Eve has escalated into a heated online debate. In the photo, North is dressed to the nines in a millennial pink suit while her beauty look features adorable space buns, subtle eye makeup and a slick of nude lip gloss.

A slew of Instagram users have voiced concerns that North appears far older than her six years-of-age in the pic, and have slammed Kim for allowing her daughter to wear makeup at such a young age. 

“Why does she look 16 here? Stop forcing your young ones to glam up for likes. Yuck. Let them be kids,” wrote one Instagram user while others agreed: 

“I was thinking the same thing she doesn't even look like a kid. Every other celebrity child still looks like a child in the sense that fame hasn't touched them yet. She always aware of the camera like her parents. There's a difference between kids dressing up and it becoming a lifestyle.”

Another user commented: “You need to quit letting North at 6 or 7 years old keep wearing lipstick!!! It is NOT cute anymore!!! Especially with Kanye and your family in church now... North looks like a little grown woman!!! I can see it the first time, but now she has you putting lipstick on her all the time.... She is going to be too fast!!!! It do not look good, that every time North takes a picture these days, she is wearing lipstick like she is a grown woman! It don’t look cute at all!!!”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the argument, some were quick to point out that whether North wears makeup is up to herself and her mother.

“Maybe its her choice,” said one Instagrammer while another chimed in:

“Ummm. It's her child, she can do whatever she wants with her. Why do people like you think it's ok to come on social media and tell people how to raise their kids. You wanna be a mom, go raise yours and come off social media. I'm sick of these internet moms trying to shame other moms. So what if she has on lip gloss or lipstick.

North has on many previous occasions expressed her love for makeup but her passion for cosmetics has been curtailed by her father Kanye West who would like the child to save wearing makeup for when she’s older.

If you’d to check out more of North’s antics when it comes to beauty, check out her hilarious beauty tutorial with Kim.

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