Lucy Hale shared a throwback pic of her super skinny brows

Lucy Hale's brow transformation

And she looks *so* different

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 17 2018

One of Lucy’s most defining features (besides her forever amazing hair and annoyingly flawless skin) is her thick, bold brows. We’ve been lusting over them for years, and it’s hard to imagine her with anything less than those enviable arches.

So, when the star recently shared a throwback snap of her super thin brows, we almost didn’t recognise her! 

In celebration of actress Ashley Newbrough’s birthday, the star posted a recent snap of her and her bestie, glorious brows in check, along with an old pic from 11 years ago. Part of her caption read, “Happy birthday loveliest @ashleynewbrough - the world is so much better with you in it! Enjoy this before and after. Our eyebrows have evolved and thank God for that.” 

Check it out below:

While there’s a lot of 2000s nostalgia going on in the pic (those HUGE sunnies! That Summer Roberts-esque hairstyle!), those skinny brows definitely come out on top.

Hey, we’ve all been there.

But Lucy isn’t the only celebrity to look back on this common beauty regret. Recently Kim Kardashian uploaded a throwback of her skinny ‘90s brows to Instagram, simply captioning the post: “1998”. Enough said.

It’s safe to say both stars have come a long way on the brow front. And we think it’s all the proof you need that you can come back from overplucked brows – you just need to drop the tweezers and have a little patience. 

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What is your biggest beauty regret? Did you ever rock super skinny brows? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @lucyhale
Inset image credit: @lucyhale; @kimkardashian

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