Michaela Coel reveals every single step in her skin care routine

DIY face masks, at-home peels and an Angela Bassett-endorsed cleanser

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / December 14 2022

Michaela Coel has made a career out of making us laugh, cry and think deeply about the human experience. 

But when she’s not delivering nuanced acting performances and writing poignant television scripts, she’s scrolling the Internet for expert skin care tips just like the rest of us. 

“When I was younger, I was obsessed with this website Skin Care Talk,” Coel recently told The Cut. “It’s where you go when you want to learn all the DIY tips and tricks to keep your face fresh.”

“I used to order all of these ingredients from overseas because they were really cheap,” she went on to say, “and I’d make all sorts of weird concoctions.”

Presently, Coel’s just as invested in her skin care routine, but instead of mixing up her own DIY face mask formulas, she opts for elevated picks that guarantee results. 

These are the products she swears by for clear skin…

Michaela Coel's skin care routine

Dr. Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser

What’s better than an effective cleanser? An effective cleanser with an Angela Bassett co-sign. 

According to Coel, she switched to Dr Barbara Sturm after she found out that it’s “the collection Angela Bassett uses.”

Try: Dr. Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser ($116.80 at MECCA)

Dr. Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser

Peel pads

Coel is a big proponent for regular exfoliation — especially if you’re melanated. 

“We’ve got that lovely melanin skin that can get oily,” she explained to The Cut. “I like to try and control the oils.”

The 35-year-old fuels her exfoliation obsession with a combination of peel pads that utilise a blend of AHAs and BHAs. No wonder her skin is always so smooth and radiant… 

Try: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Peel Daily ($133 at MECCA) and Zo Skin Health Oil Control Pads ($145 at London Skin)

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Peel Daily

Zo Skin Health Oil Control Pads

Obagi Medical Nu-Derm Toner

Coel doesn’t mess around when it comes to toner either. 

She opts for a medical-grade formula that optimises cellular function, controls acne, and prevents premature ageing and photo damage. 

Try: Obagi Medical Nu-Derm Toner ($60.88 at Kogan)

Obagi Medical Nu-Derm Toner

Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Face Cream

As previously mentioned, Coel’s a big fan of this Angela Bassett-approved brand. 

Not only does she cleanse with Dr Barbara Sturm, but she rates their face cream for darker skin tones too.  

Try: Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Face Cream ($257 at MECCA)

Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Face Cream

Regular Hydrafacials

As for facials? Coel has been booking in for regular Hydrafacials, and after just two appointments, she’s already seeing impressive results. 

“I just could not believe how good my skin looked,” Coel confessed. 

BRB adding a Hydrafacial to our Christmas wish list

Try: Hydrafacial ($229 at Clear Skin Clinics)

Image supplied by Clear Skin Clinics

Coel’s not the only Brit with an impressive beauty regimen. Jodie Comer’s skin care and makeup routine is *chefs kiss*. 

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