Miley Cyrus just shared a selfie from her hospital bed and she somehow still looks stunning

Miley Cyrus Just Shared A Selfie From Her Hospital Bed And Still Looks Stunning

The girl knows how to rock a solid beauty look, even when bedridden

Beauty Crew Junior Beauty Writer / October 10 2019

Miley Cyrus has been in hospital this week recovering from a severe case of tonsillitis. So naturally, in true millennial style, she’s been keeping everyone updated on her progress via social media. 

While bedridden and rocking a hospital gown, Miley shared a selfie on Instagram and we’d like to know what her hospital beauty regimen has been because the girl looks so good.

Seriously, who looks this good while convalescing from a serious illness? Not fair.

Going off the caption that teases “BF coming to visit me @ the hospy,” we’re guessing that Miley may have glammed up a teeny little bit to impress her new boo, Cody Simpson.

Even so, her skin is looking gorgeously glowy and plump. Could Miley have been passing the time in hospital with regular sheet masking?

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