The must-have hair accessories dominating 2019

Silk scarves are out, people

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / February 07 2019

Is it just us, or are things shaping up to be super exciting on the hair front this year? We have copper hair trending, the chignon is making a comeback (thanks Meghan!) and braided hairstyles continue to prove why they’ll forever be a summer staple.

To top it all off, there’s been a whole heap of snazzy hair accessories getting around – and we are 100 per cent here for it. Why? Because incorporating a chic hair accessory into your ‘do might just be the easiest way to jazz up your hairstyle.

“Adding accessories is a really easy and fun way to change up your look, draw attention to your hair, and make it more interesting,” says celebrity hairstylist and Hermiz Salon owner Hermiz Daniel.

So what kind of hair accessories should we be looking out for? Well, Daniel says to leave your silk scarves back in 2018, because 2019 is all about ribbons and hair clips. “I feel like we have moved on from the scarf and this year’s take on that trend is ribbons and bows. We saw this at the Golden Globes on Gemma Chan and Nicole Kidman, at the 2018 Chanel show, and on Duchess Kate Middleton,” says Daniel. 

Keen to give it a go? To ensure you get it right, Daniel offered us some handy tips on how to nail hair accessories in 2019.

How to wear a ribbon

For ribbons and bows, Daniel says the trick is to not be too precise or perfect – read: keep the look effortless and don’t try too hard!

“[It’s] easier said than done I know, but you just have to go for it. Tie it on or weave it though [a braid] and leave the ends out to keep it more casual. When it comes to ribbons, the longer the better; leaving some ribbon hanging looks cooler and more effortless than a perfect bow.” 

“I added a black ribbon to a look I created on Rebecca Harding - it’s an easy way to make something like a sleek topknot more interesting.”

How to wear hair clips

Hair clips have been dominating our social feeds as of late (exhibit A: Kendall Jenner) and we couldn’t be happier about it. “There’s a young, cool, ‘90s vibe about hair clips that I love,” says Daniel.

Just check out the look Daniel created on Rozalia Russian at this year's Portsea Polo:

“When using clips, the trick is finding the right balance with the placement,” says Daniel. “When I did Rozalia’s Polo look this year, I started adding clips into random places but always checked that the balance was right, which makes it look more organic.”

Daniel says the best accompaniment to hair clips is a bouncy blow-dry: “I think effortless waves have definitely had their moment, but the blow-dry is coming back in a big way and works really well with accessories like ‘90s-style clips.” 

“For a blow-dry, I always prep hair with ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment and then ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Spray. This combination smooths and polishes the hair while adding grit and hold.” To nail that supermodel blow-dry, Daniel suggests creating a deep side part and curling your hair underneath before personalising with your hair clips. 

For sea salt spray we also like KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray and Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

For another take on the hair clip trend, copy Daniel’s look on Zoe Foster Blake and section your hair into three stacked buns before securing and adorning each bun with an oversized hair clip (this style works best on lob to medium-length hair):

Looking for more hair accessory inspo? Here are some of our favourite celebrity-inspired looks.

What do you think of the hair clip comeback? Will you be rocking hair accessories this summer? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @roazaliarussian

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