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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Serum

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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Serum is an anti-ageing face serum for mature skin. It helps reduce wrinkles, re-densify skin, and re-support contours with active ingredients including concentrated pro-xylane, fragmented hyaluronic acid and ceramide pro.

“When it comes to plumping the skin, hyaluronic acid is your best bet. And this serum contains a potent dose to fill lines and wrinkles from the inside out."
Alex Noonan
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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Serum


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I have normal skin and found this serum quite strong around my eye area – my eyes heated when applied (where as the revolumising serum did not have this effect).  Was great in all other areas, left my skin feeling great and not ‘sticky’ at all.  Great product, but not suited to my skin type
I loved this product. So light and fresh on the skin. You only need a small amount of serum to cover your face.  Kept my skin feeling hydrated and the smell was pleasant. I could definitely see an improvement in my skin after the trial period.
I found this product to to be surprisingly light on my skin, while nourishing me well. I have a very oily complexion so this was a concern of mine however i found that the product did not make me greasy at all. I will be continuing to use this product.
I was really surprised about how well this product works. In the past I have used serums that were over the $150 range so I was slightly skeptical of this. The serum has a very soft texture and a Citrusy scent. The product is in an easy to use pump which I really love because I think it’s more hygienic. The first nightI put in the serum on I did wake up to a few pimples however this calmed downafter a few days. After a few hours my skin still felt soft and that it had properlyabsorbed the serum. I recommend using this product with the L’Oreal RevitaliftLaser x 3 moisturizer  as they work verywell together. Now for the mostimportant part, did it work – well the other day I was sitting around a poolwith no makeup on and my friend made a comment that I was the only one who didn’tneed Botox. I’ve also had a few people comment on how good my skin has looked recently. I am kind of kicking myself on spending so much money on serums and moisturizersin the past when I could get something better for cheaper.  
I honestly haven't noticed any difference to my skin. It is easy to apply and smells nice, but my skin feel slightly oily after use.
Feels wonderful on my skin and after everyday use my skin is 100 per cent moisturised.
I love this product.  It applies easily and has an immediate positive effect on my skin.  I love the scent and I think there is a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and lines and my skin is feeling smoother and more mosturiser.  I am very pleased with the results so far.   It was also very light in texture and I felt like my skin was still able to breathe whilst being mosturised.  I would definitely recommend it to those noticing a reduction in elasticity and with some lines and wrinkles beginning to show.  I definitely found that I needed to apply it morning and night for full benefit.
The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Serum is  a Revolutionary Product.  After just the first couple of applications my skin felt firmer and had an improved tone and brighter appearance.  It has a pleasant fragrance and is non greasy.
Great product, felt light and non greasy on the skin, perfect for maturing skin or wrinkle prone skin. Will be buying the product from here on in.
I love the texture and feel of this product on my skin. From the first time I used it, my skin immediately felt smoother and firmer. The difference after a two week trial has convinced me to continue using it- I love it!
The serum was really nice to us. Had a nice smell and I realised you don't need more than 2 pumps worth to have enough for your whole face and neck. I loved the red pump bottle and it never made me break out even though I usually do.
Silky smooth to apply, felt great on skin, lovely start after cleansing
My first experience using a serum and I loved it! With it's smooth application this product is long lasting as only small amounts are needed when applying to the face. My skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated.
Beautiful packaging and very easy to apply. A little on the oily side for my skin type.
A soft, silky serum that easily absorbs and works in well with the day cream.  Lovely hydrated looking skin resulted.  I did find the perfume of this product too strong for me, hence a few points off.  
The serum, used in conjunction with the daily moisturiser, was easy to apply, smelt great and left my skin feeling highly rejuvenated with a beautiful glow. I definitely recommend it.
Pros: fantastic pump packaging, did not irritate my sensitive skin, pleasant fragrance, easy to apply. Cons: unnecessary sparkles in the product, made my skin oily. I will try this again in winter when my skin is drier.
A great product, working particular magic around the eye area. Nice delicate fragrance and a real pleasure to use.
Wrinkles for me is a huge concern, so was thrilled to hear that this product was aimed at anti ageing and also reducing wrinkles. The texture of the serum was light, not to heavy and gave me that radiant glow when I woke each morning. I saw visible signs of wrinkle reduction after the first week in particular on my neck and forehead. This is my now go to serum for reducing wrinkles.
This serum was so light it absorbed quickly and really nourished my mature skin. I could see a difference in my skin my wrinkles were smoother. This is a product I will continue to use.