Rachael Finch shares her time-saving beauty tips

Plus how motherhood has changed her skin care routine

Who Beauty Editor WHO and New Idea / May 25 2017

Aussie beauty Rachael Finch may have baby number two on the way, but she seems to be even busier than ever. She’s Westin’s Wellbeing Advocate, is an ambassador for John Frieda and Amcal and next week she’s launching her first cookbook, Happy, Healthy, Strong, which is an inspiring health and wellness recipe book. In amongst her hectic schedule, we interviewed the model and soon-to-be mother of two to find out her tips for a beautiful life. 

You lead a very active life. What are your tips for a healthy lifestyle?
I’m a big believer in listening to your body to give it what it needs. It’s important to work on all aspects of your life—healthy eating, moving your body, practising a positive mindset, joy, getting enough sleep—the list goes on. I’m very passionate about home cooking and eating wholesome ingredients.

How has your beauty routine changed since becoming a mother?
I now tend to use multi-purpose products such as a moisturiser with SPF to save time. Skin Theory Moisturising Day Cream contains SPF 15 and can be worn alone or under makeup. I like to use products that I know will last so I have more time with my family.

Any time-saving tips you can share?
If I’ve had a long day at work, I’ll take my makeup off in the car as soon as I finish shooting. I use face wipes and always keep a packet in my handbag; they remove makeup quickly while leaving my skin hydrated.

What are your favourite products?
A good moisturiser, mascara and coconut oil. My favourite mascara is the Plump from Colour Theory. It’s a powdery formulation made in Italy that gives my lashes a thick and full finish. I use coconut oil on everything: on my body and in my food.

Did your mum pass on any beauty tips?
She always spent time on her appearance, even just to go to the corner store. The self-respect she has had a huge impact on me. She also kept reminding me to not pluck my eyebrows—I am now grateful!

What beauty advice will you give your daughter?
To know the importance of taking care of her skin and general appearance ... to have a regimen that works for you and to not feel guilty about spending time on yourself.

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Image credits: @rachael_finch

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