Selena Gomez uses this $640 serum to remove her makeup

That's not going straight in our basket

January 09 2023

As far as relatable celebrities go, Selena Gomez has typically made our top 10. Whether she’s rejecting the unrealistic standard of beauty one viral liquid blush at a time or opening up about her ongoing struggle with mental health, the Rare Beauty founder has made it clear that embracing her flaws, celebrating her uniqueness and accepting that life isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses are all hallmarks of her personality. A far cry from many of the A-listers we adore. 

In fact, at the risk of sounding delusional, there are often times when Gomez feels like one of us. That was until TikTok's most recent reminder that we are actually worlds apart from the global superstar.

So, what sounded the mildly devastating alarm? Was it her 368 million Instagram followers? Or perhaps the fact that she considers Taylor Swift one of her best friends (and isn’t just pretending. Us? Never.)?


Surprisingly it was neither of these. The penny dropped during her makeup removal routine video. Unlike our own (hello drugstore cleansers), Gomez's costs a whopping $640.

Oh, and that’s just for the first step. 

Melting away her base with La Mer’s The Concentrate ($640 at MECCA), Gomez then follows with Bioderma's Sensibio H20 Soothing Micellar Water Cleanser ($20.99 at Chemist Warehouseto remove any remaining residue.

And in a move we haven’t seen before, she then applies micellar water for a second time using a makeup sponge underneath her eye to remove any lingering concealer. 

Rare Beauty’s official TikTok account left a comment hyping up this method: “Yes with the sponge and micellar water combo.” Could this be a Selena signature that we’ve been sleeping on?


Next, she pats in Tatcha’s The Water Cream ($104 at MECCA) and the Laneige Radian-C Cream ($48 at Sephora) — both of which work to hydrate and nourish tired, dry skin.

The running total? A staggering $812.99.

Though Gomez reveals, “I got most of these products free” in her TikTok caption, we can’t help but feel like that’s a luxury reserved for celebrities alone.

But hey, La Mer, if you’re reading this, we'll happily shoot through our best postal address.

Main image credit: @selenagomez

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