Steph Claire Smith reveals how being told to lose weight early in her career affected her

Steph Claire Smith Reveals How Being Told To Lose Weight Early In Her Career Affected Her

And she shares her advice for reaching your fitness goals

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / December 29 2019

A look at the Instagram account of Steph Claire Smith reveals loads of snaps of the stunning Australian model wearing skimpy bikinis and activewear. With her signature megawatt smile and self-assured poses, the Keep It Cleaner co-founder and fitness influencer exudes confidence.


But, it seems the fitness influencer hasn’t always been as comfortable in her own skin - as she is now. In a recent Instagram post showing off her ultra-toned bod in a teeny red bikini, Steph revealed she previously struggled with her personal body image, after being told by an ex-modeling agent she needed to lose her curves…

“I was once told by an old agency in the states to ‘stop squatting’ as I ‘needed’ to reach a smaller hip measurement - quite upset that someone else’s opinion of me really affected the way I looked at my own body, I started to hate my butt, hate my curves and hate my muscles because I was told to lose them. It was a journey, but I’m so glad I got to a point where I could appreciate my body for what it could do and not so much what it looked like... but it’s also been nice to change my thinking around and like what it looks like too. Just a little reminder to everyone out there that NO MATTER what someone looks like, they have insecurities, and you never know what someone’s going through,” Steph wrote. 

“If you feel like you’re in a rut where you hate what you see - stop making your goals physical goals and start making fitness or mental health goals instead,” she continued.

“The less you obsess over looking a certain way the quicker you’ll get to a point where you don’t care about your insecurities so much anymore. Love yourself. Compliment yourself. Bring yourself up when you’re down. Flaunt your stuff, insecurities and all. Appreciate your uniqueness xx.”

Well said, Steph. As we prepare to approach the new year with a fresh mindset, this advice couldn’t have come at a better time. While we’re planning what we want to achieve in 2020, let’s remember to shoot for fitness and mental health orientated goals - like Steph – rather than exercising purely to attain a certain aesthetic appearance.

If you'd like to learn more about Steph's approach to reframing your mind when it comes to fitness, check out her advice here.

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