Introducing this season's hottest new hair colour: 'stone blonde'

“Stone Blonde” Hair Is The New Platinum Blonde

Move over platinum

InStyle Contributing Editor / January 23 2020

Platinum hair is a surefire way to make a statement. But the truth is, that icy blonde hue is more flattering on cool skin tones. So, what’s a warm complexioned gal to do?

Try 'stone blonde' highlights. Like sandstone, the LA hair trend marbles together pale blonde tones with warm light beige accents.

According to Los Angeles colourist Sarah Klein, it has the brightness of platinum blonde but with soft, tonal dimension. “Stone blonde strikes the balance between ashy and warm, creating a natural, beige-blonde finish," Klein told Refinery 29.

"It's actually more versatile than platinum, because it's not a single colour, but factors in your natural root colour and skin complexion."

Keen to give it a go? Take these hair inspiration snaps along to your next salon appointment.

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