Here's the secret behind Kim Kardashian’s perfect brows

Proof she’s never anything less than immaculate

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 03 2018

If you’re a bit brow obsessed, chances are you’ve probably heard of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow range. It’s the absolute jam and has a cult following for good reason. But if you’re a celeb, you go one better and let the masterful founder of the brand herself, Anastasia Soare, take care of your brows.

And it comes as no surprise to learn that the Beverly Hills brow maestro is responsible for maintaining the most talked about brows in the business. 

In a recent Instagram Story, Kim Kardashian shared a clip of an impromptu brow touch-up, showing Anastasia working her magic during a “late night brow sesh”.

Oh to be Kim Kardashian.

While a brow-shaping house call may seem a little extra, there’s no doubt that the perfect eyebrow shape can make ALL the difference. Shaping eyebrows is a simple thing that can both soften and accentuate features – so a good set of brows is pretty damn important. 

If you’re running short on time like Kim, a late night brow sesh is a superb option. Unfortunately for us, we don’t have Anastasia on speed dial, so if you’re unable to make it to see a pro during business hours, we have a couple of nifty little tips for creating the perfect brows yourself.

How high, how long and how thick you shape your brows generally depends on your face shape. If you have smaller features, work on enhancing them with equally-delicate arches. If your face, nose or eyes are larger, opt for stronger, well-defined brows.

To create the shape, use your nose as a focal point and imagine three straight lines: one straight up (this is where your inner brow should end); another that crosses your pupil (this will be the highest point of your arches); and one that goes past the outer corner of your eye (where your brow should finish). 

Use these as guides when plucking brow hairs. Using a set of slanted tweezers (we recommend Sally Hansen Perfect The Arch Tweezers), remove any stray hairs below your brow, beginning from the arch outwards.

Remember – don’t overdo it! Fullness is always in.

For a more detailed guide, check out our top tips to shaping your brows yourself, plus six need-to-know facts for your best brows ever.

What’s your favourite brow trick? Let us know in the comment section below.

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