7 unsponsored beauty products that have been spotted on 'The Kardashians'

Calling all drugstore loyalists

November 23 2022

Forget film franchises, sellout tours or Netflix shows. You know what's making celebrities the big bucks? Beauty. Whether they're launching their own range or working as brand ambassadors, our favourite famous faces have made a pretty penny out of selling skin care and makeup products.

Two ladies pioneering that movement? Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, both of whom have hit billionaire status (revoked or not) off the back of building their beauty empires.

But what does this mean for those of us following along at home (besides access to endless new product launches)? Well, with more and more celebrities doing exclusive deals with brands, it means we don't get the organic and unpaid product recommendations like we used to. Until now.

Because one A-grade internet sleuth (British beauty editor, Laura Capon, @laucapon) has combed through footage of the most recent Kardashians episode and pointed out every unsponsored beauty product that's sitting on their shower shelf, bathroom vanity or glam table.

And believe it or not, there are some drugstore gems within the mix. 

The unsponsored beauty products spotted on The Kardashians

1. Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo 

Formulated for damaged hair that's undergone extensive colouring or heat styling, this strengthening shampoo was spotted during the scene in which Kim was pulling an all-nighter to bleach her hair the night before the Met. 

$45 at Adore Beauty

2. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

This iconic tub was spotted in Kim's hotel room bathroom in New York. And truthfully, we're in two minds about discovering that Kim is a Cetaphil fan.

While we weren't aware she was a drugstore skin care girl, we are across her long-standing battle with psoriasis. So, picking up a tub of dermatologist-tested moisturiser that's been formulated for sensitive skin? Yeah, that checks out. 

$21.49 at Chemist Warehouse

3. Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued Hairspray

Capon's clever eye spotted this yellow bottle in glam rooms, cars and on red carpets. And considering it was caught on camera being used by not just one, but almost all sisters, we're going to go out on a limb to say that this is the hairspray of choice for the Kardashian family.

$14 at Woolworths

4. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish

In the company of Pat McGrath's Sublime Perfecting Under-Eye Powder ($52, Sephora) was another setting powder touted for its ability to soften, blur and perfect makeup: Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Flawless Finish. 

$70 at Charlotte Tilbury

5. ColowWOW Root Cover Up

Though the Kardashians themselves aren't brand ambassadors for ColorWOW, Kim's hairstylist Chris Appleton is. 

So with his styling kit decked out in all ColorWOW products, Kim is legitimately (and regularly) using these products on her hair.

And, boy does it look good.

$52.50 at Oz Hair & Beauty

6. Victoria Beckham Beauty Lip Definer

To create her full and defined pout, it seems Kendall Jenner enlists the help of Victoria Beckham's Lip Definer. Though Capon did an exceptional job at spotting this black pencil, the quick clip makes it too tricky to determine the exact shade.

Thankfully for us, you can't really go wrong with any shade of VB's lip liners. Though we do love the chocolate-hue, 'Dark Brown'. 

$54.23 at Net-A-Porter

7. Dove Body Wash

Yes, that's correct. Sitting in Kim Kardashian's shower is none other than a bottle of the Dove Body Wash. It's difficult to make out the exact variety (we're thinking she's a triple moisturising kind of girl) but the outline of this cult-favourite is unmistakable. 

One of Capon's theories is that whenever the Kardashian's land in a new city, they have an assistant run down to the local pharmacy to stock up on basic toiletries. Which is why there have been so many drugstore sightings within their hotel room. Unconfirmed but definitely interesting.

$6 at Amazon

After the success of Capon's first TikTok spotlighting the unsponsored beauty products lurking in the background of The Kardashians, she's since made another two follow-up vids. 

Does it look like this is turning into a regular series? We sure hope so. To watch Capon's videos and marvel at her bathroom sleuthing, check them out here

Main image credit: @kimkardashian

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