The celeb-approved ponytail trend you’re about to see everywhere

The Celebrity-Approved Ponytail Trend You’re About To See Everywhere

Two words: Sky high

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / September 11 2019

The ponytail has been one of our most beloved hairstyles for forever. Not only is it the perfect polished hairstyle for work or the weekend when you need to make third-day hair look passable, it’s also an obvious choice for keeping your strands secured when you’re hitting the gym or getting active. 

And while it’s always been an easy-to-execute, low-fuss option for a minimalist day, we’ve seen a growing trend that may just be taking the humble ponytail to new heights (quite literally). A slew of the biggest celebs have been proving that the up-style doesn’t just belong in your mid-week hairstyle rotation, but rather it’s an excellent option for when you’re getting glammed up for hitting the town on the weekend (or even for your next black-tie occasion).

Check out these stunning examples…

Bella Hadid:

Kim Kardashian:

Kylie Jenner:

Sofia Richie:

Paris Hilton:

Fundamental to this ponytail trend is its sky-high height, plus using a portion of hair to disguise the hairband securing the pony. So stylish!

The best news? This ultra-chic ponytail is surprisingly quick and easy to achieve. You can either do it using your natural hair, or if you’d like some extra volume and length, try a ponytail extension like Zala Human Ponytail Clip In Hair Extensions.

Here are a few tricks for how to get in on the action:

#1 / For that ultra-sleek vibe, blow-dry and straighten your hair before you begin.
#2 / Brush your hair up into a sky-high ponytail, and hold the section on the top of your head.
#3 / Before securing your ponytail with a hairband, give the crown and underside a solid misting (avoiding your actual ponytail) with a firm-hold hairspray and use a paddle brush or tail-comb to tame any fly-aways. We love Kevin Murphy Session Spray Flex.
#4 / Secure your ponytail using an elastic band.

Easy, right? Once you’ve done that, things can get a little more interesting (whether or not you decide to throw a a ponytail extension into the mix).

If you’re opting to do the look without a ponytail extension:
Take out a small section of hair from the underside of your ponytail and wrap it around the base to disguise your hairband, and then secure it discretely with a bobby pin.

If you’re using a ponytail extension:
Secure it to your head by sliding its comb through the top of where you’ve secured your natural ponytail – you’ll know the comb is in position when it feels like it’s lying comfortably flat and secure underneath your hairband on the crown of your head. Wrap part of the faux-ponytail around the base of your ponytail to hide any signs of your extensions, and to you’re your style that polished finish.

And you’re good to go! How easy was that? We know what hairstyle we’ll be stepping out in this weekend!

If you’re looking for some more ponytail-inspiration, check out these other celeb-approved ways to style a pony.

What do you think of this ponytail style? Will you try it? Let us know in the comments.

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