Elle Ferguson’s new fitness routine isn’t just about losing weight

“I've had a real wellness awakening”

BeautyCrew Content Producer / August 12 2019

Elle Ferguson is constantly blessing our Instagram feed with lustworthy content (we mean, the woman’s tan is *always* on point), and lately you’ve probably noticed a slight change to the model and entrepreneur’s lifestyle of late.

Elle’s taken a keen interest in working out and it’s made a drastic change to her body, but not necessarily in the way you’d think.

“This year I've had a really big journey with fitness and exercise, and also my overall wellbeing,” she explained to us during our latest episode of the Get Lippy podcast. 

“What I realised was, for me to be the best version of me, I need to feel good. I can wear a tan, get my hair done, get my nails done, but if inside I actually don't feel the best version, then I'm not good for anybody really.”

Although Elle’s fiancé Joel Patfull is a former AFL player, she confessed she’d never really taken much interest in working out, “I'm not a runner. I've never run in my life… I'm engaged to a professional athlete and he is the world's best runner. I always call him Forrest Gump because he could just run and run and run.”

However, by staying focused and creating exercise goals, she’s surprised herself and seen the benefits ripple through all aspects of her life. “What it's resulted in is me actually being a better work person, a better partner, a better friend.”

“So, it's not only about, yeah, I've lost a few kilos and I feel a lot stronger, but I've had a real wellness awakening.”

To hear more about Elle Ferguson’s wellness journey, her expert tips for fake tanning and how to get her signature waves, tune into the latest episode of Get Lippy.

Elle’s not the only Aussie gal who’s lighting up our feeds with body positivity. Steph Claire Smith recently shared this very real before and after photo of her body.

How do you focus on wellness in your own life? Let us know in the comments below.

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