Big event? Short on time? Try this no-fuss hairstyle

Margot Robbie - low bun

For when you had to be out the door 10 minutes ago

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / March 19 2018

Big event and even bigger hair problems? If you’ve got somewhere to be (like, now) and have zero time for a fussy, intricate hairstyle, then a low bun with a deep side part is the ideal go-to look.

"It’s actually an incredibly easy style and it always looks so effortless,” says Alli Webb, founder of Drybar and the woman behind the stylish locks of celebs such as Rita Ora, Cindy Crawford, Drew Barrymore, Miley Cyrus and a whoooole lot more.

Not only is this a great hairstyle to keep your mane out of your face while you rip up the d-floor, but it also looks cute enough for people to think you actually put a lot of effort in. Ha! Suckers.

Want to get in on this quick, uber chic look? We’ll allow it. Webb talks us through exactly how to master this effortless ‘do.



Webb says this hairstyle’s success lies in the prep. “Start with fresh, clean hair. If you haven’t washed it, make sure that you get all the dirt and oil out of your hair.” No time? Reach for a can of dry shampoo – it’ll absorb oils and give your strands a kick of texture. Our pick? Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo.



A spritz of pre-styling spray is a great way to not only protect your locks (especially if you need to blow-dry), but also condition and hydrate them. It’ll make your hair soft, strong and ready for styling. “Our [Drybar] Prep Rally, which is our prime and prep spray, has vitamins, it’s a heat protectant, it hydrates and refreshes hair - I kind of feel like this is a staple that everybody can use,” shares Webb.



“This style is so easy to execute,” says Webb. She explains that simply changing your part alone can completely transform your look. “Rather than going with a classic side part, do a super deep side part and sweep all your hair over to the other side, pulling it back into a bun,” she explains.


Put it up

Perfection isn’t the name of the game: “The bun can be a little messy, it doesn’t have to look perfect; that effortless chic look is always a good look. Effortless hair is definitely having a moment and I love it - I like hair to be free and imperfect.”


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What do you think of this no-fuss ‘do? Any quick, go-to hairstyles you swear by? Let us know in the comments section below.

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