Kate Hudson’s son gave her the best makeover

We have no doubt it’ll be the cutest thing you’ll see all day

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 28 2020

Celebrity makeup artists might have to watch their backs as they now have some seriously adorable competition. The newest artist-in-the-making comes in the form of Bingham Hawn Bellamy, Kate Hudson’s five-year-old son.

Over the weekend, the actress posted several videos on her Snapchat and Instagram showing Bingham treating his mum to a bold and colourful makeover. He began by adding a generous amount of rosy blush to Kate’s cheeks before softly slapping the brush across her skin to remove the excess powder. Kate was nothing but supportive throughout the video saying “I like the slapping technique. It’s like a new thing!”

Next up on Bingham’s radar was eyeshadow, with the five-year-old choosing a pink shade from a large palette. Instead of applying the powder to the lids however, he decided the best place for the bright shadow was throughout his mum’s brows.

To complement her bold brows, Bingham then ‘lined’ the 37-year-olds eyes by applying blue and silver eyeshadow underneath her lower lashes. Kate loved the brow colour choice saying “silver and pink – dope colours,” but was a little more reserved with her son’s choice of bright blue.

The final result carried an 80s vibe with the actress loving her son’s efforts so much she said, “Oh Bing, that’s really cool!” Before adding, “I think we should go to Burning Man. You can be my makeup artist.”

To watch a snippet of Bingham’s adorable makeover, check out the video below:

Image credit: Getty; @khudsnaps

Video credit: @katehudson

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