Styling tricks for short hairstyles that you need to know

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From what to ask for at the salon to how to style your cut

Beauty Crew Editor / August 01 2017

While having a long hairstyle will never go out of fashion, the last few years have seen a surge in popularity for short hairstyles like lobs and bobs. These short cuts are no longer associated with being ‘mumsy’ and outdated, but instead celebrities like Lara Worthington and Lucy Hale are inspiring a new generation of women to not just get a chop, but be more creative with their short hairstyles. 


Lucy Hale

Lara Worthington

Cara Delevingne

But with shorter hair comes greater responsibility - especially because you can’t rely on an impromptu bun or ponytail to save a bad hair day. 

Whether you’re already pro short hairstyles or are thinking of joining the short-haired club, there are a few key things you need to know to nail your hair length. We asked Simon Bright, Creative Director of Sydney salon Jonny + June for the essential things every woman with short hair needs to know. 

#1 / Get the right cut for your hair type

While Cara Delevingne’s cropped bob (pre shaving her head) may be your dream short hairstyle, if you don’t have a similar hair type, you may not get quite the same result. 

“It really all depends on what you want to achieve and, really, what your hair will allow you to achieve. That is why you actually need to speak to your hairdresser to see what is going to be good for you when you want short hair. For example, you wouldn’t give somebody with thick hair a really cropped cut, because that’s just going to bulk out,” says Bright. 

So while it’s always a good idea to take your ideal version of a short haircut to your hairdresser, it’s important to have a discussion with them so they can work with what you’ve got to give you the best short hairstyle for you. 

As a general rule of thumb, Bright has this cutting advice to offer when it comes to short hairstyles:

“For thin hair, I always recommend razor cutting, because it reduces lines and creates texture: it’s all about creating softness. With thick hair, you [need to] layer it to reduce the weight, not to create volume. With curly hair, it’s all done visually. You probably wouldn’t need to texturise it and you would probably keep it a little more blunt - remember that it all springs up when it’s dry.” 

#2 / Know what tools you need to style your short hair

For the girl who likes sleek and straight short hairstyles, you need a high-quality hair dryer to get your hair where you want it. And they don’t get more innovative and technologically advanced than the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer. While there is a fortune of research and technology behind this nifty gadget, here’s what you need to know in a nutshell when it comes to blow-drying your hair with it: the schmick tool is engineered for balance, so it’s not going to be taxing on your arm during your blow-dry (win!); it works efficiently for fast drying; the airflow is not only super-focused to ensure a sleek and shiny result, but it also intelligently controls the temperature to protect hair from extreme heat damage. So that’s speed, shine, and protection from damage all in one tool.

For a smooth finish, Bright recommends using the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer with the Styling concentrator nozzle, “because the nozzle directs the hair into the position you need. For more of a sleek look, use a paddle brush and just blow-dry it really soft and it will fall naturally.”

As for those who want more texture from their short hairstyles, Bright is all for using the diffuser attachment of the Dyson Supersonic™ to embrace any natural curls or waves, as the attachment disperses air evenly around curls for a defined finish. 

“With really short hair, the diffuser is amazing because it sets it into place. It dries hair in its natural state without being forceful,” he says. 

#3 / Pick the right styling products for short hairstyles

According to Bright, if there’s one non-negotiable styling product when it comes to short hair, it’s a hair serum. “Serum, serum, serum. You can’t go wrong with serum. It’s your foundation, it’s your heat protector, and it’s also your finishing product,” he says. While all serums can’t necessarily do all of the above, we recommend you try Mr. Smith The Foundation

For short hairstyles that have a sleek, shiny finish, Bright recommends completing your nozzled blow-dry and smoothing serum combo with a gloss spray, like ELEVEN Make Me Shine Gloss Spray. 

And for women with short hair who want extra grit and texture (and volume for those with fine hair), Bright recommends adding a sea salt spray into your kit, like Sachajuan Ocean Mist. “I always like sea salt spray in short hair - it’s amazing to just create more texture. It won’t create wave unless your hair is actually wavy. It just makes it that kind of gritty style,” he says.

Looking to take the plunge and get your hair chopped? Find out how to get the best bob for your hair type.

Do you have short hair? What are your go-to tips or tricks for those looking to get the chop? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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