North West is getting into the beauty industry

The Kardashian-West empire is expanding

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 28 2023

When your family is made up of literal billionaires there’s obviously a bit of pressure to live up to the family name.

So, like any first-born set to inherit the family business, North West is being positioned to be a mini mogul in the making. 

Evidently, Kim Kardashian believes her eldest will continue the family’s three billion dollar legacy, as the reality star has filed for a variety of trademarks in North West’s name — including skin care. 

According to The U.S. Sun, North West has registered a trademark for products such as “non-medicated skin preparations, skin moisturisers, skin lotions, skin creams, skin cleansers, skin serums, facial oils, body oils, bath and shower gels, bubble bath, body powders, cosmetics, fragrances, and hair care preparations.” 

Considering the nine-year-old has the kind of skin care routine that reminds us how poor we are, we’re fully preparing for her to release the next-gen version of her mum’s exxy skin care line, SKKN by Kim. It seems only natural that after cementing her cultural influence on TikTok that she would segue into a business of her own. 

However, it appears West intends to diversify her potential income stream with a collection of children’s toys.

Kardashian filed for additional trademarks on products like “toy figures, doll accessories, dolls, drawing toys, infant toys, mechanical action toys, play sets for action figures, soft sculpture toys, bath toys, children's educational toys for developing fine motor and cognitive skills, musical toys, toy food, toy cookware, baby gyms, playground balls, and sport balls.”

The reality star also included a trademark in West’s name for “entertainment in the nature of providing information in means of a global computer network in the fields of entertainment and pop culture,” or advertising in laymen's terms. So there is potential that we’ll get to witness another Kardashian Pepsi commercial in our lifetime — what a time to be alive. 

While we wait for North West to start dictating our skin care routines, it’s important to note that Kim Kardashian has filed for several trademarks in her children’s names over the years. She famously registered for a potential beauty business for son Psalm West in 2019 — a mere two weeks after he was born. She also filed for an additional 12 trademarks under his name in November of 2022.

North and Psalm West’s siblings Chicago and Saint also have nine skin care, toys and fashion trademarks in their names as of July 2022. 

But Chicago has the potential to benefit from advertising revenue like her big sister, thanks to the following filing: “entertainment in the nature of providing information by means of a global computer network in the fields of entertainment and pop culture; entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a celebrity.”

Honestly, we’re just keeping our fingers crossed we get to see some more adorable hair tutorials like this from the siblings…

Considering the cultural sway the rest of her family holds, we’re not surprised North and Chicago West are preparing to step into the spotlight in the future. 

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