Paige Desorbo's genius hack to "look alive" sans makeup

Plus, her complete skin care regimen

Beauty Editor / June 09 2023

Coming to us live from an airport in Canada, Summer House's Paige Desorbo has shared her one-step "pro tip" for looking refreshed and glowy without a drop of makeup on. As Bravo's go-to fashion girl, a visit to Desorbo's Instagram page will often leave us with endless outfit inspo and styling tips. However, after a recent Instagram Story series, it seems we've been sleeping on turning to her for beauty advice too. 

In an all too relatable vent, Desorbo revealed her discomfort when it comes to boarding a plane with a full-face of makeup on. And though the solution feels obvious (hello, micellar water), that doesn't entirely discount her desire to still "look alive" for the duration of her journey. 

Luckily for Desorbo (and us), she's found the one product that will allow her to have her cake and eat it too. 



Paige Desorbo's no-makeup pro-tip

"If you want a clean face and you don't want to put makeup on, take Aquaphor ($12.07 at iHerb)," she said, speaking of the celebrity-loved ointment. Traditionally used for healing cracked skin, just like Em Rata, Desorbo always has a tube of the stuff on hand. "I keep it in all my bags, I'm obsessed with it," she insisted. 

As for how she uses it, we were given a complete tutorial...

To begin? "Put it on your eyebrows [and] push them up." Next? "Put it on your eyelashes [and] push them up." Now for the big finisher? "Put it on your lips and then put the excess that's on your finger onto your cheekbones," Desorbo instructed.  

The results? "You're just going to look alive." 

And what's better than that?


Paige Desorbo's skin care routine...

Now that we know what she does once her makeup is off, let's take a look at her skin care routine.

To cleanse her face, Desorbo uses the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm ($26 at MECCA) to melt away all makeup, waterproof mascara included.

Sitting next to this on the basin is one item that's likely even more recognisable than Desorbo herself: the Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant ($37 at Paula's Choice).

As far as serums go, Desorbo appears to be using the Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum ($146.20, Revolve) to hydrate, and the Dr Dennis Gross Overnight Wrinkle Treatment ($139 at MECCA) to correct and plump.

"I've literally never felt better," she said. 

And can we just say, a makeup-free Desorbo has never looked better either.

Main image credit: @paigedesorbo

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