Pink Pantheress refuses to touch her forehead because of Naomi Campbell

“I will never touch it”

Content Producer / December 20 2023

Emerging as a fresh voice in the music scene, Pink Pantheress (Victoria Walker) recently shared her distinct beauty philosophies. Known for her unique blend of nostalgia-infused music, her approach to beauty is equally personalised and intriguing.

In a video with Vogue, the 22-year-old shared some in-depth insight into her beauty routine as a whole. Rather than the products she uses (we will get into them though, don’t worry) but, rather, her unique beauty perspectives that stood out to viewers. 

Cleansing her face with her holy grail La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Cleanser ($35.95 at Chemist Warehouse), she revealed a very interesting take on her skin care and makeup routine.

“I do not touch my forehead.I view my forehead as a very, very complicated and sacred thing so I will never touch it,” she said. 

“Someone told me Naomi Campbell doesn’t put foundation on her forehead. That might be wrong but ever since I heard that, I haven’t let it go.” (Note: This is, in fact, true. Naomi Campbell told Jackie Aina that she doesn’t like putting makeup on her forehead in a 2019 YouTube collaboration).

While we recommend using your skin care all over your face (especially your SPF!), the singer is a strong stickler to her ‘no forehead’ rule.

This was evidenced when she applied the Laniege Cream Skin Cerapeptide Toner & Moisturiser ($50 at Adore Beauty), Sunday Riley Good Genes ($138.60 at Cult Beauty) and Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen ($63.70 at REVOLVE). 

Despite her minimalistic approach to certain aspects of beauty, Pink Pantheress doesn't shy away from glamour. In the Vogue video, she revealed that she enjoys having her nails and hair done, and pays special attention to her brows and lashes.

In fact, Pink Pantheress credits Beyoncé as a major inspiration for her thin eyebrow style, reminiscent of the early 2000s. 

“I do look at Beyoncé for inspiration when it comes to makeup. I’m not gonna lie, those early 2000s looks that she was serving with the very minimal makeup, the nice, strong eyebrows… she had a thin brow too, I loved it!” she remarked.

This admiration of Beyoncé’s Y2K aesthetic reflects in her own approach to makeup and style. From her sparkling tooth gems, to long square-shaped acrylic nails, Pink Pantheress nails the early 2000’s aesthetic - which is mirrored in her nostalgia-inducing hits.

Main image credit: @pinkpantheress

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