Rachael Finch shares her go-to breakfast smoothie recipe

Rachael Finch’s Easy & Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Easy, healthy AND tasty? We’re sold

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 26 2019

When it comes to health, fitness and wellness, you could say Australian model and media personality Rachael Finch knows a thing or two. 

The woman is practically the definition of glowing from the inside out, and then there’s the matter of *that* fit and toned body… 

Case in point:

Whenever Rachael divulges any info on what she eats, and how she stays fit, we’re obviously all ears (see point above).

So, when the former Miss Universe Australia took to Instagram Stories to share her quick, easy and healthy go-to smoothie recipe, of course we took notes (you’re welcome!).

The best news? There’s no tricky recipes or mile-long ingredient lists to see here, Rachael’s fave breakfast smoothie contains just four ingredients!

Here it is:

1 x frozen banana
Almond milk (she hasn’t given the quantity, but we’d say around one cup should do it)
2 x scoops Kissed Earth Replenish chocolate protein powder
Almond butter (again the quantity hasn’t been provided, but we’d go for a teaspoon!)

All you need to do is throw the ingredients in your blender, blend until it’s smooth and voila! You’ve got yourself a Rachael Finch-approved breakfast. Super easy and it looks downright delicious!

If you’re looking for more diet advice from Rachael Finch, you may like to check out our story on her day on a plate.

Will you be trying Rachael Finch’s smoothie recipe? Let us know how you go in the comments. 

Main image credit: @rachael_finch

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