This TikTok eyeliner hack is genius

*Mind blown*

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 14 2022

If we had things our way, we’d house an extensive eyeliner collection reminiscent of a literal rainbow in our makeup bag. 

But given it costs bookoo bucks (which we don’t have) to hoard mass amounts of coloured eyeliner, we’re very open to a bit of DIY action to achieve similar results.

As it turns out, TikToker Monet McMichael is a beauty MacGyver in her own right… 

“I heard from a friend of a friend, if you take some micellar water and dip it into an eyeshadow, you can make any colour graphic liner,” McMichael explained in a recent video.


“If this works I’m going to be so excited,” she said as she sorted through a selection of different blue eyeshadows before settling on a custom denim blue shade. 

“I’m going to take some micellar water and put it in the corner [of the eyeshadow pan] like this,” she explained as she cautiously rubbed her micellar water-soaked flat liner brush in the eyeshadow. “I’m literally making watercolours.”



The content creator swiped her liner across her lid so confidently she shocked even herself with a picture perfect wing. “Wait. Wait. Wait… why did I just eat on the flick of the wrist? Woah. Woah. Woah.”


“Okay, now are we going to make these even,” she assured her audience as she dipped back into the eyeshadow pan to finish off the other eye. “How am I going to make these even?” 

“Are they even?” she questioned as she pulled back from her reflection to assess her work. “No way. No way, I’m showing off right now. I’m showing off. My hand’s like, shaking.”

“I’m just going to a casual dinner right now. I’m going to a casual dinner right now,” she repeated excitedly as she contemplated a more creative eyeliner look. 

“I want to take it like that,” she said as she swept the brush across her lid to mimic a negative space eyeliner shape. “Do I just do it? No. Wait. I’m going to a casual dinner right now.”

She settled on lining the very outer corner of her lower lash line instead, but immediately regretted her decision. “Oh I hate that so much. Why the f*ck did I do that? Why did I do that?”


“Okay let me put lashes on and then [we’ll see] the final look,” she explained before returning lashed up to the high heavens. “What do we think? I think we definitely just did something…”


“This colour isn’t blatantly obvious,” she admitted. “But next? We’re going in with her,” she explained as she pointed to a red-orange shade. “I’m so excited to be like, fiery red, but for tonight, it’s just like a little peek-a-boo.”


Want to see this eyeliner hack in action? Check out McMichael’s TikTok tutorial below:

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Main image credit: @monetmcmichael

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