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Beauty Crew Contributor / September 06 2017

Oh, the Internet, it not only serves as our greatest source of beauty information but also gives us a sneak peek into what people are actually asking about. Pinterest has released their Pinstyle Report of 2017, which details all the most popular searches on the site from what to wear to a wedding to what handbags you need in your life. What obviously caught our attention, however, were the most popular beauty questions people have been asking this year. While last year’s most popular questions had to do with braiding and eyebrows, this year’s questions are a little different. This is what the world wants to know how to master (and where you can find our answers to them on Beauty Crew!):

#3 / How to style short hair

Short hair continues to be all the rage with our favourite celebrities chopping off their locks left, right and centre. While some have gone more extreme than others (think Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart), our ultimate short hairstyle inspiration comes from Lucy Hale, Lara Worthington and Olivia Culpo. If you too want to know how to style short hair, here’s everything you need to know about using hot tools to style your crop, as well as must-read short hair styling tips (including what products to use). You can thank us later.

Lucy Hale

Lara Worthington

Olivia Culpo

#2 / How to contour your face

Hair and nail contouring may have taken off this year, but it is obvious the Kardashian-fuelled face sculpting trend hasn’t lost any popularity points. While there are plenty of celebrities taking part in elaborate contouring tutorials, we guarantee it doesn’t need to be that complicated. Our complete guide to contouring will ensure you have the technique down pat.

Kim Kardashian

Shay Mitchell

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

#1 / How to curl your hair

Whether it’s with a straightener or curling iron, how to create the perfect curled hairstyle seems to be something that constantly eludes us. And while we can’t all have Kate Middleton’s hairdresser on speed-dial to create immaculate curled blow-dry every day of the week, with our pointers you will be well on your way to becoming a curling queen. Check out our step-by-step guide for creating curls that hold, as well as an insight into why they’re dropping in the first place.

Kate Middleton

Gigi Hadid

Jessica Alba

For more answers to your biggest beauty questions, see what people wanted to know last year.

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